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This lovely image of a male Ring Ouzel is by A9 Photo's
It reminds me to ask for all reports of Ring Ouzel from anyone walking on the hills to help further confirm the status of this species on Mull. Photographes of any Mull birds would be appreciated.
31st May 2013  a Ring Ouzel seen carrying food. NM 648.293  high in the hills around Creach Beinn, excellent news and confirms probable breeding birdsLin Farrell, Alan Spellman
8th May 2016
About 3.00pm at NM 3954 we sighted a female Ring Ouzel on the track that goes out to the point. This was north of Croig and before you get to the turn off for Port na ban. Dave and Helen Tanner. visitors from York. 

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Latest sightings for May 2016
I have created a page for the best of visitors photo's    click here

male Redstart at Ardura Oak Woods 27th May 2016 Alan (mullbirds)

27th Croig: some 20 Common Scoter off Croig today. Jeremy Wailsh.
27th Love your website and I've been on holiday on Mull since Saturday. A few things that might be of interest,
4 wood warblers singing in woods at Pennyghael by Carsaig road. Twite singing by road at north entrance to Calgary beach. Redstart and Tree pipits on the Loch Ba track. 3 families of Stonechats by the road near the Grasspoint viewpoint car park. Lots of cuckoos, 4 male hen harriers (wow - I've been stunned, excited and at the same time shamed as I'm from Yorkshire - the raptor crime centre of the country,  both Eagles, Shorties performing at end of loch Scridain, and plenty of otters, stunning GN Divers around. They've gradually been getting scarcer each day we've been here.
Paul Wheatley. (see Pauls GNG pic in visitors page. click here

26th a trip out with Arthur and Pam, Lochdon and Croggan: Redstart, Tree Pipit, Redpoll, Cuckoo, Meadow Pipit.

Cuckoo at Lochdon 26th May 2016  Alan (mullbirds)
26th - Loch Ba: Six House Martins were at Knock; a brood of Grey Wagtails were seen near the Old Hunting Lodge; several calling Cuckoo's may have been one or two mobile birds; two singing Tree Pipits; and, interestingly, a single Dunlin was seen in the area where this species successfully bred in 2014. Watch this space!.  Stuart Gibson

22nd Sound of Mull at Garmoney: Black Terns, I am used to seeing them at Leighton moss, and it was good visibility. I did verify with another birder close by. I was delighted to see them, they are such lovely birds 
We were at Garmony looking towards the small islands to the left of the fish farm, on a level with it. The group of birds feeding drew my attention as they were in a tight group and darker in colour. although the birds were a little distance off shore through the scope it was clear that they had darker heads and lighter grey backs. one of them was slightly paler than the others.It was quite a contrast to the larger pale grey common terns above the islands behind. They were diving amongst three great northern divers.It was a group of 15-20 black terns. Their behaviour was quite frantic while feeding . We watched the group for around 10 minutes as they moved slowly further away as they fed. 
Jacqui Fereday. Note please, will the 'other birder' please get in touch.

20th - Craignure. A Summer-plumaged Great Northern Diver was close inshore as a Cuckoo was seen and heard in a tree near the camp site; two House Martins were at the Village Hall. Stuart Gibson
21st  Treshnish, 1 Swift over the wood and 1 Peregrine over the Point  prasad.  Prasads Blog
20th  A wet night in Dervaig yesterday, Tawny Owls around Glenview very vocal. As well as the usual hoots and ki-wiks one bird was making the less common (so called) 'sewing machine' call, a rhythmic, soft trill. In the last 40 years I've only heard this twice before. David Hatfield
20th Killiechronan   1 imm White tailed Eagle drifting over Loch Na Keal. Adult Sea  Eagle in tree watching, made no attempt to see off the young bird. 2 ringed Plover. Loch Ba 2 White tailed Eagles, 1 whimbrel over, calling. Simon and Tracey  Cornwall. 
19th 1 Dabchick Loch Harrissons small loch next to Assapoll seen by B Harrington
20th Strathcoil (Loch Buie Crossroads) 1 Jay flew across road at Strathcoil seen by C Place L Potter

White tailed Eagle Frank Burns taken from Lady Jayne May 2016
18th Killiechronan:  Sea Eagle carrying fish, being mobbed by a Buzzardt. 2nd Sea Eagle  from Loch Ba, circled over Loch na Keal before heading back to Loch Ba. Simon and Tracey  Cornwall 
18th A pair of Whinchat were next to the road at the north end of Loch Frisa yesterday.Richard & Liz Airey
18th 1 adult male Tree Sparrow Scoor stunning brown/chestnut cap white collar B Harrington, L Potter
18th Loch Scridain:  (from the sub station) 2 GN Diver's. 2 RT Diver's. 1 Slave Grebe. 1 Black Gillimot. Glen More , 1 male Hen Harrier. A pair of Golden Eagles and a pair of Perrigrine with 1 Perrigrine mobbing one of the eagles.Loch Na Keal, 8 GN Diver's, 1 Black Gillimot , 2 Bar-tailed Godwit, Plus drumming snipe Simon and Tracey Taylor 
18th  Torosay: Three singing Blackcaps, two singing Wood Warblers and single singing Sedge Warbler and Whitethroat; a Summer plumaged Great Northern Diver was in Duart Bay. Stuart Gibson

18th Glengorm:  a single Jay in Glengorm Forest this afternoon. I'm not sure about the status of this species for Mull so I thought I'd let you know. David Hatfield, regular visitor.

Eurasian Jay.Garrulus glandarius,  a scarce breeding species, numbers have increased,
Recently confirmed as a breeding species for Mull, numbers and sightings have increased over 
the last few years at Lochdon, Torosay and Quinnish, Dervaig area and now almost anywhere in suitable habitat.

18th Numbers dropping as expected in the Great-northern Diver roost at Loch na Keal. 12 in the main raft and two splinter groups nearby of 8 and 5 birds at dusk. Ewan Ewan Nature Scotland
17th Loch Scridain: Viewed from the sub station today were 4 GN Diver's, 3 RT Diver's, 1 Black Throated  Diver.
Simon and Tracey Taylor visitors from Ccornwall 
17th Ardtun: 1 Tree Sparrow on feeders and in tree in my front garden at Ardtun.  Managed to get this photo before it flew off.  Spotted about 5pm as the rain eased off. Rebecca
16th the Iceland Gull still in the area above Kellan Farm sitting with other gulls on the skerries.. Arthur out on tour.

16th Black-Tailed Godwits, seen at Ardalanish bay this evening.  photo by Rebecca Burton 
16th Dervaig: Ring billed gull, (also reported in April by Arthur Brown) Loch Ba 2 goldeneye. visitor Andy Hitchcock 
16th - Oban. A 1st Summer immature Iceland Gull was among the flock of Herring Gulls competing for fish supper scraps opposite WH Smith earlier today. Stuart

Busy feeding Sanderling on an Iona beach, photo by Stuart Gibson 15th May 2016
15th Iona  Eight calling Corncrakes (with five either walking across the road or giving fabulous views); five or six pairs of Linnets; two broods of newly hatched Shelduck totalling 19 ducklings (two ads with four and two ads with 15); seven drake Eider and five females; 30+ Dunlin, 30 Sanderling and 12 Ringed Plover.  Stuart Gibson
15th  an Iceland Gull whilst I was on a boat trip ( May 10th ) from Ulva. It was with a group of Herring Gulls.  During the same week I was delighted to watch a Great Northern Diver in summer plumage fishing outside the Pennyghael Hotel. Rod Sheppard
15th Killiechronan: a Green Woodpecker flew into woodland at crossroads to Killiechronan. Arhur Brown 
Hello Alan,
15tg  the highlights of our week from a total of 96 species seen.
On the bird feeders and below at our cottage in Dervaig we had the following:
Siskin, Redpoll, Blue tit, Great Tit, Robin, Blackbird, Dunnock and Collared Dove, Green Finch and Chaffinch.
In and around the village: Song Thrush, Sedge Warbler, Common Whitethroat, GS Woodpecker,
GN DIver, Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, Redshank, Greenshank, RB Merganser, Heron, Cuckoo, Curlew, Common Gull, Hooded Crows and a pair (daily) of Golden Eagles and WTS Eagles.
Special Highlights:
Lochdon: Female Merlin and Osprey ( 9th May) Calgary Bay: 400 plus Shags which came into the bay following a shoal of fish (10th) Staffa: A pair of Great Skuas (11th) Iona: 8 calling Corncrakes - one seen (12th) Ulva: 1 calling Corncrake and 1 Wood Warbler (13th).   Dave and Helen Tanner.

13th Unsure of status of Lesser Whitethroat on mull?    (please see below)
To inform you of Lesser Whitethroat sighting at Loch Buie on 13th May 2016, the bird was observed at close quarters by myself and my partner 3 times, also heard singing from hawthorn.  The bird ranged from the Old Post Office to The Chapel on the path to Castle Moy, in the hawthorn and gorse. Ian Burgess

              Lesser Whitethroat   Sylvia curruca   a ‘rare’ passage migrant.
                             2009 June at Loch Frisa, also at Loch Buie and Ulva in June. 
                             2011 3rd May a single bird was reported at  Kilfinichen.
                             2016 13th May a single bird at close quarters at Loch Buie. Ian Burgess

Please report all sightings

14th 1 male merlin, 1 female hen harrier, pair golden eagle, 5 golden plover, spotted flycatcher. Shiaba grey wagtail at waterfall, 12 dolphins offshore. L Potter, C Plaice ,B Harrington and K Smith all for today
13th We had an unusual flypast of a female Hen Harrier yesterday. We see them quite often but this one was  flying very low over the water straight up the middle of Loch Na Keal  from the sea. Martin
13th Uisken Bay: 20 Dunlin in full summer plummage along with 12 Ringed Plovers feeding at Uisken Bay, this afternoon. Beck and Wayne
13th  We heard a Grasshopper Warbler is backed  by the Old Byre. A  cuckoo was in the tree behind our house I could see it today and it was just so loud . I am looking out for the sedge warblers in the reed on the Belart .. 
Cheryl Callow.
12th Loch Cuin, Dervaig:  , great norther diver Loch Cuin this morning. Female WTE flew over again most mornings about 9.30 am . The cuckoo is out the back of us in Penmorebeg sitting in a tree making a lot of noise . 
The female hen Harriet most afternoons . The barn owl is sitting on the traffic pole by the bridge near to the gorse  bush on the loch most nights . Linnet on our patio two days ago that's a first . Cheryl Callow 
11th Knock:  osprey flying over Knock, towards Loch Ba about 9.15 am. visitor Jackie Stanley 
11th Loch Frisa: Grasshopper Warbler in song near Loch Frisa. Ewan 
11th Iona. 7 Corncrake In various areas, one showing at the Hostel. Great Northern diver off beach northern end Iona.
Greenshank at Loch Ba. Great Northern Diver sum plum Off Grass point + Black Guillemot  Brian Bolton (Visiting)
11th Killiechronan: Osprey seen fishing over Loch Na  Keal . Mobbed by hoodies, flew over from direction of campsite.  visitor .Jon Goddard
10th - Iona: Five calling Corncrakes (three in vicinity of the Bishop's House); several pairs of Linnet and two pairs of Twite feeding on grass seeds on machair; two singing Sedge Warblers and a calling Cuckoo; seven pairs of Eider at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, alongside a pair of Shelduck and two Great Northern Divers; and a large flock of migrant waders, comprising 60+ Dunlin, 40+ Ringed Plover, four Sanderling, four Turnstone and a single Knot.
Stuart Gibson
9th  Craignure: 2 Spotted Flycatchers in Craignure. visitor Ross Lawford
9th Treshnish, 1 Spotted Flycatcher & 1 Common (Mealy) Redpoll in Treshnish wood, prasad
9th - Tobermory: A Peregrine (probable male) was over Upper Tobermory this mid-afternoon. Stuart Gibson

 Redpoll visited Jaquie Feradays garden                          in my garden. Alan (mullbirds)   more pix here

8th - Loch Ba: Singing Mistle Thrush, single House Martin, a pair Grey Wagtails feeding young in nest, singing male Whinchat, two displaying Tree Pipits, two calling Cuckoos, seven Golden Plover and a hunting Short-eared Owl.
Stuart Gibson  (and a Partridge in a pear tree)
7th Killiechronan: a pair of Gooseander here. Mike Coupe
7th Treshnish: 1 Common Redpoll at Old Schoolhose, Last years submission 31st May was accepted as a Mealy by Argyll Birds Rarities Committee. Prasad. 
5th we had some 30 Arctic Terns at Garmony, (first)  my first of the year. Pete. Mull Wildlife Tours
6th Calgary Bay  2 Common Terns , 2 Sedge Warblers (first) Dervaig Reed Beds, a Reed bunting here as well. A firstWhitethroat on Loch Frisa track Dervaig end and a self-catering guest saw a Lesser Whitethroat at similar spot.  Grasshopper warbler heard but not seen by Loch Frisa car park. Arthur Brown
6th Salen: Grasshopper Warbler Pier Road Salen. Juliet
5th May: Long eared Owl just south of Lochdon  at dusk. Ross Lawford
5th Croig, 3 Whimbrel, at least 2 White Wagtails Langamull, 10 Whimbrel, at least 3 White Wagtails, 30+ Dunlin
5th Just to let you know there was the first Grasshopper Warbler reeling at the back of our house in Salen tonight.
Martin Keivers. 
5th Jay at Torness this morning. Osprey flying over Moy castle, Loch Buie this afternoon. Beck and Wayne
3rd Barn owl hunting opposite the Rugby ground near garmony tonight at 21.30  Ross Lawford
3rd Peregrine at Ulva ferry, 30 or so Gannet dive bombing off of Langamull beach, 20 plus Golden Plover at killiechronan  Martin Clay
3rd Lochdon: saw an Osprey fly over close to the nest pursued by gulls. Obviously back in the Lochdon area again.   Carolyn Whenman
3rd Loch Beg First Wood Warbler singing behind the shop. 
1st - Tobermory  Three species of Phylloscopus warbler singing in Aros Park today (Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and newly arrived Wood Warbler overlooking Harbour building)
2nd  Loch Beg 1 Sanderling, 10 Dunlin, 1 Greenshank. Bryan Rains. 
2nd: Black tailed godwit - 2 on the road to Lochbuie at end of Loch spelve,  Gannet - half a dozen at Lochbuie 
Hen Harrier - ringtails at Loch spelve and on top Road from Glen sheildeir. Males either side of killiechronan
Golden Plover - circa 40-45 In flight behind Fidden Farm. Also Lapwing with chick Ringed Plover - 2 at Garmony 
visitor Martin Clay
1st:  an Iceland Gull on the N shore of Loch na Keal. from c11:00 am until at least 2:00 pm. Richard and Lynda Popplewell South visiting from Yorkshire
1st: Checked a nest today and found three dead Song Thrush chicks, possibly deserted because of the thick snow last week, parent was sitting on Tuesday. Colin Moody
29th April - Torosay Five White Wagtails, five migrant Wheatears and three Whimbrel along this stretch of coastline today. Stuart Gibson
1st:  1st year Iceland Gull at Kellan. 4 Whimbrel near Ulva. A diurnal hunting Barn Owl on the Glen road this afternoon. Ewan 
1st: Few from today Glen More. Golden Eagle being harassed by 2 Buzzard. Loch Na Keal. Osprey over north. Salen 2 displaying Drake Goldeneye. Martin 

alans signature

Photo by Alan (mullbirds) 23rd April 2016 more pix here

White tailed eagle photo by Sindri Skullason

White tailed                            eagle and young Sindri Skullason

Bird Sightings from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll
Tiree Sightings: April 2016

Best birds were the 2 Magpies near Scarinish (2nd) – just the second record for Tiree, a Great Tit at Balephuil (11th-12th) and the long-staying juv Kumlien’s Gull in the Loch an Eilein area (to 26th).Other good spring birds included a juvenile Glaucous Gull at Loch a’ Phuill (14th-19th), a female Scaup at Loch an Eilein (26th-30th), a wandering adult Sea Eagle (19th and 22nd), a Tree Sparrow at Baugh (28th), a Lapland Bunting at Hynish (15th), a Snow Bunting at Balephetrish (25th), 2 Mealy Redpolls (from 15th) and 3 Woodpigeons (from 12th).

Obvious passage including some 300 Black-tailed Godwits through from 3rd, Golden Plover numbers peaked at 5,500 (18th) and 54 Pale-bellied Brent passed through (from 20th April). Corncrakes returned from 19th but less than 20 were back by the month-end. The Barnacle Geese and Greenland White-fronts departed en masse (10th-11th), with only small numbers of both thereafter. 10 Whooper Swans remained at the end of the month as did a handful of Redwings, many now in sub-song. Further returning migrants included Chiffchaff (14th March), Sand Martin (2nd), Wheatear (5th), Great Skua (7th), Swallow (8th), Linnet (8th), Blackcap (10th), Willow Warbler (10th), Greenshank (14th), Whimbrel (17th), Little Tern (20th) and Sandwich Tern (20th), over 70 White Wagtails (from 21st) and Common Sandpiper (28th).

John Bowler

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