Im pretty sure this is a female long tailed duck. Ive never seen one on Mull before. It was at Lochbuie, about 1 mile along the Carsaig path, seen on our walk there on Thursday. An otter is fiing next to it, just out of camera shot, a real treat. Best wishes,  Mark Bamford, visitor.Thisin Spellman 'Maridon' Lochdon, Isle of 

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Latest sightings for February 2017

21st  a photo of a few of the 34 Snipe that have been so prominent recently at Dervaig. Stuart Gibson.

21st Quick up date the Kingfisher is seen regularly seen last on Saturday it flew in front of Moira's van ! As she left the house . 
On Monday this week about 10.30 am I saw a Merlin flying across the loch . There are still about 25 snipe on the loch all the time . There are four WTE visiting the loch regularly and two juveniles . 
Yesterday there were 17 curlew in the fields opposite Calgary Bay and about 45 oystercatchers on a very windy wet beach. Cheryl 
20th Approx 30 rooks flew over the house at Ardtun this morning.(these will have come over from Iona) Rebecca
14th An update on the white-winged gulls... Knock 1 1st winter Glaucous Gull, 1 1st winter Iceland Gull and 1 2nd winter Iceland Gull. Loch na Keal 4 Slavonian Grebe, 3 Goosander.Bryan Rains
16th The Kingfisher was at Dervaig this evening seen just before 4pm. Arthur and Pam
15th The solitary Pink-footed Goose continues to enjoy life with Greylags at Killiechronan. Steve Littlewood
15th - North Mull: A drake Goosander was in Salen Bay; 30 Redwings, Killiechronan; 21 Lapwings at Lagganulva; no fewer than 34 Common Snipe at the head of Loch Cuin (Dervaig); and, 3 Whooper Swans on the Mishnish lochs; a first returning Little Grebe to a freshwater breeding site was recorded at this last site. Stuart Gibson, Ewan Miles and Andy Tait 
15th Lochdon: a Treecreeper,2 Yellowhammers and a flock of 12 Long tailed tits visited my garden today. Alan
I noticed two 'friendly' Robins, normally aggresive and territorial.....Spring is in the air. Alan
13th Two male Goldcrests in full song in Aros Park earlier today. Stuart Gibson
13th 2 Jays visited the garden at Ardrioch this morning, there was a count of 25 Snipe at Dervaig along with 26 Wigeon an unusually high count for them at Dervaig and a Black Throated Diver near Lainne Sgeir at Calgary.Arthur and Pam  Discover Mull Tours
12th - Mishnish lochs: Two separate hunting Barn Owls by roadside (one at Dervaig end and another near Tobermory) at 21.15 hrs. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles.  Ewan Nature Scotland
12th Mishnish  Lochs: a pair of Long eared Owls. Fish Farm a Glaucous gull amongs other gulls. Arthur Brown.
12th Loch Cuin: 12 Redshank. 15 Common Snipe here today. Alan
9th Goldeneyes have been regularly visiting the lochan over the past few days, sometimes two pairs at the same time - with plenty of courtship behaviour on display. Shame there aren't many hollow trees nearby! Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.
Tony Jefree
9th 18 Skylarks, 700+ Starlings, Rooks and Jackdaws in good numbers at Fidden today and the 3 Common Scoters still on Loch Scridain from Electric sub station. Cheers Arthur and Pam with Helen and Andy Mortley.
7th A spectacular 140+ Great Northern Divers on the Loch Na Keal roost this evening. Steve Littlewood, Jacqui and Mike Murphy
7th Lochdon seven Yellowhammers in my garden this morning. Alan
7th three whooper swans on the Mishnish lochs and 7 Common Scoter at Kiiliechronan on Loch na Keal, still small flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare about. Arthur Brown. Discover Mull Tours
5th  Gull at Knock last week Colin Moody
4th A group of 15 Slavonian Grebes at the head of Loch na Keal and Black-throated Diver in Loch Tuath. Ewan


Latest sightings for January 2017
29th Loch Spelve: a couple of Black Guillemots here, on 27th at Pennyghael I saw a Barn Owl. Rebecca Burton
27th Lochdon: a garden full of Yellowhammers this morning, 12 birds. a delight to see on this cold but sunny morning. Alan (mullbirds)
26th - Loch Cuin at Dervaig: 12 Common Snipe and 6 Greenshank at the head of the loch this morning. Stuart, Stella and Martin
22nd Langamull : A 1st winter Hen Harrier arriving in from open seas to the north. 5 Golden Plovers, 8 Ringed Plovers and Starlings perfecting the calls of Herons, Curlews and buzzards...the masters of mimic! Ewan
20th Loch Scridain: 3 Common Scoter saved the day, seven Great northern Diver. A small flock of Song Thrushes, Grey Wagtail and five Meadow pipits at Fidden and a flock of c24 Baracle geese. 46 species seen. Pam, Arthur and Jaquie and Alan
20th Meall an Inbhire, Tobermory Wireless Station - 3 Red Grouse, 1 flushed with a Snipe west of and just below the masts, a pair in the open to the north just 50m from the mast towers.  Also group of 17 Meadow Pipits lower down on wires.  Mike Wagemakers
19th, Jay and Yellowhammer in the garden at Ardrioch, Sparrowhawk and WTSE at West Ardhu, Merlin and Jack Snipe Cailaich Point
19th Purple Sandpipers at Lainne, Sgeir, Calgary Arthur Brown. Discover Mull Tours
18th - Loch na Keal: Two Iceland Gulls (one 1st W immature and one 2nd W immature) together on south side of loch, near Dhiseag. Stuart Gibson, Stephen Littlewood and Geoff Small
18th - Wild Mull Goose Chase: 150 Greylag Geese in field at Killiechronan, where there was also a single Pink-footed Goose and 20 Canada Geese; 12 - 20 Barnacle Geese were on Inchkenneth, with another 75 at nearby Balnahard; top prize was the locating of 24 Greenland White-fronted Geese (19 ads. and five juvs) with 20 Canada Geese in a field at Pottie; and 140 Barnacle Geese at Fidden.
The Greenland White-fronts were watched while a foraging flock of nine Long-tailed Tits moved through less than 1.5 metres from where we stood! . Stuart Gibson, Stephen Littlewood and Geoff Small 
16th Aros, 300m down track from Apermore entrance, group of at least 7 Bullfinch, having seen 2 males and then a pair shortly before.  Mike Wagemakers
15th Merlin from main road Loch Don side of Loch Spelve. Single Pink footed Goose with Greylags in field by the church at Gruline. Arthur & Pam 
14th Black-throated Diver, Calgary Bay also Long-tail Tits and Goldcrest by the toilets. 100+ Golden Plover at Killiechronan, Bar-tail Godwit here as well. Kingfisher at Dervaig. Fieldfares 2 miles from Dervaig down the glen road. Iceland Gull opposite new water Hydro south shore Loch na Keal. Siskin in our garden at Ardrioch.Arthur & Pam
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14th A single Greenshank was at the Aros estuary, with two others seen at the head of Loch Cuin; 12 Fieldfare were in Glen Bellart, near Dervaig; 12 Redwing were feeding in a field near Arle, with another 35 in a mixed thrush flock at Gruline that also contained three Mistle Thrushes and several Song Thrush and Blackbird; a pair of Dippers were on the River Ba at Knock; and a 2nd Winter immature Iceland Gull was seen along the south shore of Loch na Keal.
Stuart Gibson, Mike Wagemakers and Carol Marshall
14th There was a dead gull on the shore at Knock yesterday, Bryan Rains has looked at my photos and thinks 
Glaucous. Colin Moody

11th A couple of white winged gulls have been through our neck of the woods... Loch Beg 1cy Glaucous Gull
13th Jan Loch Beg 2cy Iceland Gull . Bryan Rains.
10th A pair of goldeneye (duck and drake) on the lochan this morning. Suidhe Farm, Bunessan. Tony
8th - Loch na Keal: Four drakes and two female Goosanders on south side of loch, where two immature (1st W-type) Iceland Gulls present on washed up blubber on beach. Stuart Gibson, Steve and Linda Littlewood 
8th Red Grouse on hill road about half way between Dervaig end and Torloisk, Carrion Crow at Knock outfalls
Shelduck at Lagganulva and 4 at Killiechronan. Arthur and Pam
7th A single goldeneye drake on the lochan this morning. Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.Tony Jeffree
5th Iceland gull seen flying near porpoise carcass on shore of loch Na Keal. Rebecca Burton
5th Salen a single Whimbrel and a small party of Long Tailed Tits. South shore of Loch Na Keal Iceland Gull by the Fank on a Greylag Goose carcase and a large flock of Barnacle Geese on Inch Kenneth. Killiechronan 6 Bar Tailed Godwits and several Golden Plover from the food van parking space at high tide. Arthur and Pam
3rd We have 5 Mallard that seem to be regular visitors to our lochan, and they all (2 drake, 3 duck) seem to dive for food. Is this behaviour seen elsewhere on Mull? Tony Jeffree
1st January 2017- i Alan, Happy New Year. a male Brambling, spotted near the Dun at Glengorm. Ken Wycherley

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Hawfinch:  Alan (mullbirds) 23rd April 2016 more pix here

Tiree Sightings: January 2017

Best birds were a white phase Gyrfalcon reported from Balephetrish Bay (4th) plus 2 drake Green-winged Teal including the long-staying bird at Loch Bhasapol (14th and 17th) and another at Loch a Phuill (17th). The long-staying Iceland Gull was at Loch a Phuill (22nd) and there were up to 3 juvenile Glaucous Gulls all month, whilst 2 Linnets at Traigh Bhagh (22nd) were only the second January record here in the last 100 years! Other scarcities included a Scaup at Loch a Phuill all month, 2 Little Auks off Hynish (25th), Puffins in Gunna Sound (23rd) and off Hynish (26th), a Black-throated Diver in amongst Great Northern Divers off Traigh Bhi (28th), a Barn Owl at Barrapol (7th), a Grey Plover at Balephetrish Bay (16th), a Jack Snipe at Balephuil (28th), up to 2 Jackdaws at Heylipol (19th-26th), at least 11 wintering Goldfinches, a Fieldfare at Meningie (14th), a Mistle Thrush at Mannal (17th), odd Water Rails and a Woodcock at Carnan Mor (22nd).

An all-island count (16th-17th) found 4,543 Barnacle Geese, 667 Greenland White-fronts and 1,948 Greylags, plus 136 Whooper Swans, 8 Pink-footed Geese, 2,835 Lapwing and 1,490 Common Gulls. Scarce waterbirds included up to 15 Long-tailed Duck and 4 Common Scoters around the coast, 34 Shoveler (17th), 4 Pintail, 2 Gadwall at Loch a Phuill (17th-22nd) and a Little Grebe at Loch Riaghain (16th-17th). Raptors included at least 4 Hen Harriers, 3 Merlin, 2 Sparrowhawk and 2 Peregrine throughout. High wader counts included 1,200 Golden Plover at The Reef (20th), 102 Curlew at Loch a Phuill (24th), 95 Turnstone at Balephetrish Bay (14th), 160 Ringed Plovers at Sorobaidh Bay (19th), 280 Sanderling at Balephetrish Bay (16th), 135 Dunlin at Sorobaidh Bay (13th) and 16 Bar-tailed Godwits at Sorobaidh Bay (20th).

John Bowler

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