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Latest reports for April 2015

26th Male Hen Harrier hunting at Grasspoint,also Loch Buie four turnstone visitor Simon Smith
26th  Loch Frisa, sightings: a male and female hen harrier showing very well facing the car park as you fist go on to it, they were chasing off a buzzard. also a Stonechat, and Williow warblers, and  Tree Pipit, l Wood Warbler, Chaffinch, and Cuckoo calling. Kevin Topping (from Lancashire)
26th Velvet scoter again in Loch Na Keal and our first Gt Skua of the season.  white tailed eagle boat trips

24th an Osprey soaring high over Scallastle/Garmony ridge into clouds. Dave Sexton
24th Staffa: c20 Purple sandpiper - (all birds moulting into summer plumage), Great Skua - 6 offshore between Lunga and Staffa, Whimbrel - 25 in Sound of Mull as we headed back to Tobermory, Manx Shearwater - 300+ nr Treshnish Isles, Short-eared Owl - 1 on posts nr 3 lochs viewpoint, Blackcap - 1 male in garden of Pennyghael Hotel, Great Northern Diver - 9 Loch Scridain.  Steve Grimwade
24th - Beinn Talaidh No fewer than 10 White-tailed Eagles in the air together (some talon grappling) over the summit this afternoon.

24th - Loch Ba Two singing male Redstarts, two displaying Tree Pipits, a pair of Grey Wagtails, a pair of Mistle Thrushes, an extremely vibrant male Wheatear (Greenland race or just very bright British bird?) and seven Golden Plover were among the bird highlights of our walk today. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
23rd Tobermory - 2 Whitethroat outskirts of Tobermory near the Glengorm road crossroads -  Mike Wagemakers
23rd - Loch Frisa (Dervaig end) Male Grasshopper Warbler reeling and two roding Woodcock at dusk; male Tawny Owl singing at Loch Torr. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming
23rd  Grasspoint. Tree Pipit. Blackcap and Cuckoo heard. Colin Green.
Iona. Corncrake. SW of Abbey. c15 Turnstone in breeding plumage. Pennyghael, Loch Scridain. Trevor and Sue Littlewood. Thanks for the information on your website. Heading home tomorrow.

22nd - Ardmore Forest, near Tobermory: An evening of avian acoustics produced a calling Long-eared Owl and a roding Woodcock at   Park at former car park area where trees have been clear-felled and walk towards and past the metal gate. As the track begins to descend, the Long-eared Owl was calling from trees to the right. The Woodcock was roding over the area between the car park area and metal gate. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming
22nd Langamull, 1 Little Tern on the rocks (still present when i left at 7pm) one White Wagtail also at Langamull Prasad Prasads Blog

Little Tern by Prasad
22nd  Grasspoint. Blackcap calling from woods. GS Woodpecker Stonechat  Jay and WT Eagle in tree.
Gorton road end, Lochdon. Tree Pipit. Sound of Mull. 2 GN Diver.Colin Green
22nd Bunessan: A dozen or so swallows feeding over our lochan - suidhe, bunessan. Tony Jefree
22nd Lochdon: a male Blackcap singing in our garden this afternoon. We've just returned from Croggan, and along the road between the mussel farm and the outskirts of Lochdon I picked up on two Hooded Crows mobbing a Short-eared Owl. They were giving the owl a hard time until its mate arrived and evened the odds! The pair then spiralled off, very high, and were there for several minutes.  Andrew Oldacre
22nd Pennygowan: Glenforsa Cottage, a 'rare' Nuthatch was feeding in the garden on 19th. Pete Dyson
22nd - Tobermory: Lunchtime serenade : male Blackcap singing near foot of Prison Brae is probably the same bird as heard by Richard and Liz. Stuart Gibson

21st Iona: A passenger  on my bus tour reported hearing a corncrake on Iona today. Chris, (Craignure)
21st. Sound of Iona. G N Diver 1 Manx Shearwater headind north. Iona. 2 Corncrake heard south of track to Trig Point. Fidden. 100+ Golden Plover in field to east.Colin Green

20th Our last night on Mull before returning home. Cuckoo calling on and off for about 20 minutes from around 6-30pm on north side of Loch Na Keal , in the woods on the hillside  Thought you might be interested for your excellent web site and sightings page. Andy Blagden
20th - Tobermory Male Blackcap in song along Back Brae in evening.Stuart Gibson
20th Tobermory: We haven't seen or heard the Blackcaps behind our Guest House on Main Street, Tobermory since early January but the male has been 'warming up' over the last three days with brief snatches of song and today he is singing 'properly'. Richard & Liz Airey. Harbour Guest House
20th Scallastle. Several Ringed Plover, 2 GN Diver, Wheatear, Com Sandpiper. Loch Peallach north end from B8073, 3 Red th Diver 2 male Goldeneye. Loch na Keal. 1 Slavonian Grebe, Black Guillemot, 2 GN Diver.
Garmony. 2 pr Wigeon 1 male Goosander.Colin Green
20th Approx 50 sand martins at Glenforsa this morning. Our male and female yellowhammer around - fingers crossed  Debby
19th - Craignure. 27 Pink-footed Geese - N over Craignure at 11.30 hrs; two House Martins over Village Hall; single Common Sandpiper; two Great Northern Divers (one in full s/p), three (2 mm) Red-breasted Mergansers and a Shelduck. Mull Magic  Wildlife Walks
19th Fidden: About 150 golden plover today. Colin Moody
19th - Tobermory The now resident Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden this evening.
18th. Magpie on north shore of Loch Spelve. Trevor and Susan Littlewood.
19th April. Golden Eagle. Creach Beinn, Loch Spelve. Colin Green Trevor Littlewood Susan Littlewood18th we had a Magpie alongside the main road, just beyond the timber pier at Fishnish. Pete Mull wildlife Tours
18th Loch na Keal.  Wheatear and many Willow Warbler. 8 Slavonian Grebe 2 G N Diver,  Golden Eagle sightings including one low overhead, small flock of Rock Dove several Com Sandpiper Redshank and Dipper at Knock Bridge. Colin Green
18th - Loch na Keal 2nd W/S Iceland Gull at Knock at sunset. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
18th Wood warbler signing in Aros park this morning. Dark phases arctic skua harassing feeding manx shearwater and a string of 75-100 pink-footed geese heading north. First minke whale of the season and eight basking sharks (All in waters north west of Mull) Ewan Miles Ewans Blog
18th - Scallastle Singing male Redstart, displaying Tree Pipit and singing Goldfinch.
18th - Garmony Singing Tree Pipit and several Lesser Redpolls. Stuart Gibson Magic Wildlife Walks
17th Grasspoint: l. Sparrowhawk at start of woods. Pair of Stonechat just after last parking area, Golden Eagle directly overhead, Pair Raven, singing Willow Warblers, Cuckoo and WT Eagle in tree on skyline. Colin Green, Nuneaton. Visiting Birder.
17th  Common Sandpippier at the sheep fank under Ben More. Colin
17th Cuckoo calling in Bunessan wood. Tony Jefree
16th Loch na Keal: a 2nd year Iceland Gull at the head of the loch and a Short eared Owl on the north side of Ben More this evening. Ewan Miles. Ewans Blog
16th - North Mull:  Two Short-eared Owls, North end of Loch Frisa, where a Barn Owl heard screeching in twilight; male Tawny Owl seen and heard, Loch Torr; and a calling Long-eared Owl at Ardmore. Two female/ringtail Hen Harriers were also at North end of Loch Frisa, where a Willow Warbler was in song and a Lesser Redpoll flew over. Four Goldeneye were displaying on Loch Torr, where a roding Woodcock was also observed. A potential family of otters (bitch and two cubs?) was seen at a freshwater location in North Mull.
As if this wasn't enough, we enjoyed the stunning sight of the conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades open star cluster amidst the glorious backdrop of an intense showing of the Aurora borealis. What an evening that was!
Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
16th Pair of Common Sandpiper calling and displaying Killiechronan. Knock golden eagles seen mating, female in and out of nest. Swallow and sand martin seen at various locations. Mike Wagemakers & Carol Marshall
16th April Lots of Willow Warbler around today and 1 Cuckoo at Killunaig. Bryan Rains Wild About Mull
13th Iona: A flock of 12 golden plover were on the machair on west side of Iona this morning. visitor  Althea Mapplewick 
12th Treshnish: 12 Golden Plovers, 1 Merlin, 2-3 Short-eared Owls, prasad.  Prasads Blog
11th  3 Common Scoter on Loch Scridain  Bryan Rains Wild About Mull
10th Gannet in the sound off Craignure this evening. Chris & Sian
7th  1 Chiffchaff at Craignure, 8th 20 Wheatear, Loch na Keal, 9th 1 Willow Warbler, Loch Beg,
9th 5 Greenshank, Loch Scridain, 10th 4 Sand Martin, Glen Aros)10th 2 Willow Warbler, Fishnish.  Craig Round...
10th Loch Frisa: two male Short eared Owls hunting the low light north side of Loch Frisalast night with wing clapping and calling heard. Drumming Snipe and roding Woodcock also provided a wonderful soundscape. Ewan Miles.   Ewans Blog
9th 2 Sand martins  at Laggan Sands, Loch Buie; 100+ Razorbills on Loch na Keal. Jim & Linda Hurles
9th - Tobermory. A ghost-like 2nd W Iceland Gull was in the harbour this morning; a further bird (1st W/S) was in Bloody Bay pm; and there were two Puffins in the Sound of Mull, off Ardmore. Stuart Gibson
9th Had my first chiffchaff calling in Aros park this morning.  Rachel French
7th Apr Loch Beg 1 Greenland White-fronted Goose, 8 Whooper Swan. 9th Apr Loch Scridain 1 Chiffchaff. Gribun 1 Swallow. Bryan Rains Wild About Mull
8th A skein of 25 white-fronted geese north of Loch Cuin at 11am. Ewan Ewans Blog
9th Single swallow at Dervaig today. Debby
5th Golden and White Tailed Eagles at Loch Na Keal and Loch Ba, a couple of Treecreepers. Craignure two Black Guillemot  Dave Smith
 7th - Offshore An immature Glaucous Gull heading North over open sea, North of Isle of Coll; an immature Iceland Gull feeding on discards from fishing vessel in Sound of Mull, near Glengorm. Stuart Gibson
7th Saw a Comon Sandpiper by the old boathouse on Loch Na Keal. Martin Keivers. white tailed eagle boat trips
6th Loch na Keal: Peregine Falcon, Golden Eagle, a few Baracle geese were still on Inch Kenneth. alarge raft of Eider close to the fish cages. Alan
5th Fidden: One swallow flew across Fidden beach this morning.Carol Marshall
5th Loch Torr: 4th Loch Torr - Pair Goosander, 3 goldeneye, little grebe.  Mishnish - single goldeneye and little grebe. Mike Wagemaker and Carole Marshall
2nd Loch na Keal: a 'rare' Velvet Scoter was on Loch na Keal, seen by visitor Paul Thomas  and by Martin on Lady Jane who also saw 25 Greart norther Diver and rafts of Razorbill plus two Iceland gulls following the boat.
2nd Loch na Keal (viewed north shore): 5 Red-throated Diver (2 in summer plumage),  1 Black-throated Diver (winter plumage with large raft of GN Divers), 28+ Great Northern Diver, 8 Razorbill, 3 Black Guillimot, 21+ Slavonian Grebe and 3 Otter. Paul Thomas
1st Killiechronan: 1 Jay, 2 adult Sea Eagle, 2ndW Iceland Gull. Laggan Bay: 2 Wheatear (pair), adult male Golden Eagle. Paul Thomas
1st Loch na Keal: a flying Red throated Diver, a pair of Gooseamnder, a single 1st w Iceland Gull and a distant Slavonian Grebe. Dipper at Knock. Alan
Play your part in the Golden Eagle Survey 2015
In 2015 there will be a full Golden Eagle Survey across Scotland. The last time this was carried out was in 2003 when 440 pairs were recorded. Here on Mull in conjunction with the RSPB, SNH and the BTO, RSPB Mull Officer Dave Sexton with help from Matt Wilson and Dr Paul Haworth will be pulling together all the data gathered to get a complete picture of how the island’s golden eagles are faring this year and since the last survey.
In January and February we are into the first phase of the survey which means we are looking at simply trying to confirm territory occupancy and this is where any additional volunteer help and sightings would be invaluable. During January and February if you are out and about birding on Mull or simply heading for the ferry or shopping in Tobermory and see golden eagles en route, Dave would be very interested to hear from you. We’re looking at whether they are adults or immatures, how many and if there’s any display involved. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure of the identification or you think we probably know about them anyway, various sightings and information will all be followed up and will help to complete the complicated jigsaw puzzle of Mull’s many golden eagle territories. This work doesn’t involve tramping the hills in search of eagles, it’s simply what may be visible from public roads and accessible forestry tracks if open. Your help with this national survey will be greatly appreciated and we’ll keep you posted on the final results in due course. If you have any relevant golden eagle sightings 
please email Dave Sexton at  Many thanks.
Bird Sightings from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll
Tiree Sightings: March 2015

Best bird was a 1st-winter Bonaparte’s Gull at Sorobaidh Bay (24th) – the third record for Tiree. Other winter gulls included a juvenile Iceland Gull at Sandaig (17th) plus a scattering of at least 5 juvenile Glaucous Gulls all month. At least 8 Jackdaws remained at Loch an Eilein (13th) and there was a 1w Rook at Moss (17th). Spring migrants were thin on the ground but included 9 Goldcrests (from 14th), a Wheatear at West Hynish (21st) with another at Ceann a’ Mhara (29th), 2 Linnets at West Hynish (21st) and 2 Black-tailed Godwits at Loch a’ Phuill (27th). Strong NW winds produced hundreds of Manx Shearwaters off Aird (from 26th), along with 6 Little Auks (26th) and hundreds of passing auks, Kittiwakes, Gannets and Fulmars. There were also increasing numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Black-headed Gulls, Pied Wagtails and Meadow Pipits about. Whooper Swan passage was noted from 17th with a peak of 275 birds (24th), whilst there were 30 Fieldfares at Caoles (16th). 

An all-island count (16th-17th) found a record 4,693 Barnacle Geese, as well as 748 Greenland White-fronts, 2,123 Greylags, 4 Canada Geese, 2 Pink-footed Geese, a Pale-bellied Brent and 2,750 Golden Plovers.

John Bowler

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