I’m pretty sure this is a female long tailed duck. I’ve never seen one on Mull before. It was at Lochbuie, about 1 mile along the Carsaig path, seen on our walk there on Thursday. An otter is fishing next to it, just out of camera shot, a real treat. Best wishes,  Mark Bamford, visitor.This is the web site of Alan Spellman 'Maridon' Lochdon, Isle of Mu

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Latest sightings for December 2016

Dec 1st  Knock Hatchery Outfall -  Amongst all the usual a pair of Gadwall although no ‘white-winged’ gulls on this occasion. Good numbers of Turnstone, Goldeneye and Black-headed gulls.  Mike Wagemakers Carol Marshall

Latest sightings for November 2016
30th 3 female teal have joined our resident mallards on the lochan. Suidhe Farm, Bunessan.Tony Jefree26th Craignure:  beween 7-10 waxwings in playpark in Craignure around 9.30 Ross Lawford
19th - Loch na Keal (Bird Club outing) Highlights included 12 Slavonian Grebes at head of loch, where a sleeping imm. Velvet Scoter was found; two Black-throated Divers were in Laggan Bay. Stuart Gibson                                            
16th A skein of 26 Pink-footed Geese over Caliach heading south at 2pm. Ewan www.naturescotland.com

14th one Water rail at Croig (beside the road to Port na Ba), one Great northern Diver in Calgary Bay. Prasad  http://www.treshnishbirdlog.co.uk
12th Loch Scridain: 1 Swallow and four Common Scoter. Bryan Rains.
John and I are sure that we scoped a small number of Little Auks from Caliach on Saturday. A huge feeding of Gulls (mainly Kittiwakes and Herring Gulls) continue around the shores of Mull. They were joined by a lunge feeding baleen whale in the Sound of Mull and a small number of Common Dolphins north of Mull. I had a Dunnock in full song at Caliach yesterday afternoon. Ewan and John Miles www.naturescotland.com

Wouldl be a new ‘race’ for Argyll, not sure if any others before in West of Scotland, and one for BBRC 
7th Stephen Hiscock and I had at leastt two Northern Long-tailed Tits at Loch Beg today. It was a flock of 10 birds of which two were photographed. Bryan Rains  www.wildaboutmull.co.uk 
5th Salen: Brambling in the garden this afternoon Debby Thorne (There was a large flock of birds on Thursday - not thrushes and my instinct was they were waxwings - about 30+but didn't have any binos to see close - flew right down the Sound from Tob direction towards Craignure.)
3rd  A bird flew into the window just now so I went out to have a look. There was a song thrush on the ground, a sparrowhawk flew off. Perhaps the thrush was trying to avoid the sparrowhawk when it hit the window. Colin Moody 

Latest sightings for October 2016
31st - Tobermory: A Green Woodpecker was in pasture on the immediate outskirts of Tobermory (near former Children's farm) this morning at around 11.15 am (naked eye view). Stuart Gibson
30th there are 2 snow bunting near the log pile at fidden campsite also flock of c50 barnacle geese and a ring tail hen harrier on the road back to fionnphort . A single pink foot with grey lags near turn of for the Ardachy Hotel. Stephen Howat
30th Dipper near bridge at Derryguaig on Loch na Keal Large flocks of fieldfare on way to IONA ferry Female hen harrier near Fidden beach WTSE on beach near Glen Forsa Airstrip Lynne and Chris Simons
30th 26 Barnacle Geese and 17 Whooper Swans over Caliach this morning. Ewan Ewan Nature Scotland
30th Killiechronan 50 golden plover, 1 knot, 5 bar-tailed godwits, 15 turnstone, 4 Goosander.Flying & landing close to airstrip 26 golden plover. Dave Pierce
29th Treshnish, 30 Whooper Swans flying south & 1 Blackcap in wood. prasad.  Prasads Blog
It's been a fantastic week that's involved 89 species. Thanks for all your information. I'm already planning my return visit in spring.  Richard Pitts
Tuesday 25th October: Long-tailed Duck; 1 female very close in by the pier at Aros Park, Tobermory;
Wednesday 26th October: Hen Harrier; 1 ringtail at Loch Beg and 1 male just east of Bunessan, Also Common Scoter; 2 females Loch Beg. On Iona a late Whinchat, a couple of flocks of Twite and a Sanderling.
Thursday 27th: Velvet Scoter: at least 1, possibly 4 still from the beach at Loch na Keal. Barn owl at 21:15 on the A848 by the entrance to the forestry just north of Aros. Friday 28th October: Barnacle Goose; 58 (in 5 groups) passing over heading south, White-fronted Goose; 163 (in 6 groups) passing over heading south, Goose sp; a total of 33 unidentified heading south in 3 groups, and Whooper Swan; 82 (in groups of 48, 25 and 9) heading south. All seen from Quinish point between about noon and 15:30. Hen Harrier; 1 ringtail on the moors between Dervaig and Torloisk at about 17:30. visitor Richard Pitts 
28th.Tiroran Woodcock 0745,   8 Brent Geese pale bellied, from Sound of Mull into Lochdon, then out again to Firth of Lorne. 2 Greenshank at Lochdon, 8 Golden Plover at Loch Beag. Loch  Beag, 5 ringtail Hen Harrier, at Lochdon  1 ringtail and a male at Craig through Glen More.  visitor Dave Pierce
28th Treshnish, 167  Greenland White-fronted Geese, 72 Barnacle Geese, 79 Whooper Swans flying south (some flying west) prasad  Prasads Blog
27th 4 whooper swans at Glenforsa today, one adult and 3 juveniles. Felicity
27th 7 whooper swans sea bound down Loch na Keal consisting of 4 adults and 3 juveniles. visitor Jon middleton
27th - Tobermory at 21.15 hrs:  Greenland White-fronted Goose passage --> South over Tobermory heard (single bird calling, so no way of estimating flock size in the dark!). Stuart Gibson 
26th Single Barnacle goose and single white fronted goose with 183 greylag at the triangle crossroads near loch na keal. visitor Jon Middleton. Also a single Pink footed Goose amongst the flock. Alan
26th Opposite Loch Spelve on the grassland, 1 Superb smokey grey male Hen Harrier and also a ringtail Hen Harrier and a WTSE looking sad in the rain.26th Treshnish, 1 Blackcap, 1 Willow Warbler, 6 Reed Buntings at cowbarn, 1 Golden Plover at Haunn, prasad  Prasads Blog
25th Kingfisher at head of Loch Na Keal where River Ba flows in (photo to follow on returning home). 2 Greenshank in Salem Ba, two Dipper at Garmony viewpoint  Terry Pawson (visiting).
25th Loch Scridain: two common scoter, five great northern diver, a red throated diver and slavonian grebe, plus three otters. Edwina & David Sharpe Alan Spellman
25th - North Mull: Around 400 Fieldfares and Redwings (80% former) between Mishnish Lochs and Dervaig; female Kingfisher at confluence of River Bellart and Loch Cuin; five Greenshank, three Redshank, five Common Snipe and 10 Ringed Plover at head of Loch Cuin, where a Sparrowhawk appeared briefly; three Lapwings at Lagganulva; two drake and two female Goosander on Loch na Keal, where four Bar-tailed Godwits at the high tide roost.Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles.  Ewan Nature Scotland
24th Treshnish, at least 2 Willow Warblers, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 female Blackcap, 1 possible Common Redpoll, 200-320+ Fieldfares,  50+ Redwings, prasad Prasads Blog
24th Spent the day around the head of Loch na Keal (and had a wonderful time - I can honestly say it was the best days birding I've had in a long time);
4 Velvet Scoter, 1 Common Scoter (female), 9 Bar tailed Godwit, 10+ Slavonian Grebe, 4 Goldeneye, 39 Golden Plover, 30 Ringed Plover, 2 Red-throated Diver, 3 Great Northern Diver, (2 of these were only just losing their summer plumage), 1 Gadwall (looked like a male coming out of eclipse, amongst the wildfowl at the outfall pipe at the southern end of the beach), 1 Jay (above the woods around the Eagle site) 1 Little Grebe (in the pools behind the beach near Kellan). 3 Red-throated Divers , 1 Greenshank (heard)  a Woodcock above the road just west of Kellan Mill on the evening of the 22nd.  visitor Richard Pitts
24th Loch Cuin: a female Kingfisher here today. David and Edwina Sharpe. (a male was seen on 22nd)
24th Loch na Keal this morning. 4 Velvet Scoter, confirmed by a fellow birder Richard who we both scoped the birds and had good views and  confirmed the id. 2 Slav Grebes, 25 Golden Plover, 35 Ringed Plover,1 Great Northern Diver. Martin Izzard
 24th Grasspoint Road: 6+ Brambling mixed with chaffinch on the road to grass point. visitor Jon Middleton
24th: Treshnish, 80+ Jackdaws over the wood. prasad. Prasads Blog
23rd: Treshnish 1 Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff seen briefly in the wood
23rd - Dervaig: Six Greenshank, four Redshank, 17 Common Snipe, three Little Grebe and seven Red-breasted Merganser at the head of Loch Cuin this morning; no sign of yesterday's Kingfisher, but a female Peregrine chasing a Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon only 20 metres away!. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming
23rd I’m pretty sure this is a female long tailed duck. I’ve never seen one on Mull before. It was at Lochbuie, about 1 mile along the Carsaig path, seen on our walk there on Thursday. An otter is fishing next to it, just out of camera shot, a real treat.   Mark Bamford, visitor.

Common Buzzard enjoying the sun, 23rd October 2016 Alan Spellman

22nd Kingfisher and Dipper and Dervaig Loch, by the bridge. Martin Izzars
22nd Grey Wagtail at Eorsa Water fall. Martin Izzard
22nd - Isle of Mull Bird Club outing to North Mull.    Stuart Gibson
Highlights of today's field trip included Scandinavian Blackbirds with Song Thrush and Redwing at Dervaig Village Hall; four Greenshank, four Redshank, 13 Common Snipe, two Little Grebes, a Sparrowhawk and a male Kingfisher at head of Loch Cuin; six Gannets feeding offshore, three Common Snipe and three Jack Snipe flushed, a single Grey Wagtail and eight Rock Doves at Caliach Point, where an otter was also seen; four Great Northern Divers at Calgary Bay and a further four in Laggan Bay; three Redshank, two Lapwings, a Grey Wagtail and several Stonechats at Laggan Bay; another Sparrowhawk (or same?) and a small flock of Long-tailed tits were seen with Goldcrests at Calgary farmhouse. 
22nd Juvenile Black-throated Diver on Loch Spelve today. Ewan Ewan Nature Scotland
21st  5 Greenshank at Dervaig on the Loch there at low tide. Martin Izzard
21st, Treshnish, 1 Jackdaw and 100+ Fieldfares over Treshnish wood  Prasads Blog
19th 15 Barnacle Geese travelling south at Caliach. Female Hen Harrier flushing a single Red Grouse on the Torloisk hill road. Ewan  Ewan Nature Scotland
Reply Reply to Al19th We had 13 Whooper swan day today, they flew over us at Bunessan at 1pm, then a further 3 at Grasspoint at 6pm. regular visitors. Mark, Jane and Alex, 
19th Treshnish, 11+ Greenland White-fronted Geese and 1 Merlin over the wood prasad  Prasads Blog
19th From a visitor to Iona. Your website is great and very useful. Here's a small contribution from 17th October: Two pale-bellied Brent Geese feeding on shore of bay on west side of Iona. One at least a juvenile.Althea Mapplebeck
18th Caliach Point, 2 hrs seawatch: 1 Barnacle Goose, 1 Great Skua, 2 smaller skuas. prasad.
17th - Grasspoint/Loch Buie/Garmony: 60 Fieldfare and 60 Redwing; 3 migrating Swallows --> S along coastline at Grasspoint.  Loch Spelve: Single Red-throated Diver.  Kinlochspelve:100 Redwing. Loch Buie: 2 female Common Scoter, a single Great Northern Diver still in s/p; 3 Common Snipe and 2 Turnstone; and 17 feeding Gannets. Garmony: 3 Great Northern Divers and two separate pods of Bottlenose Dolphins heading  NW up the Sound of Mull. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
17th Grasspoint road. The Great grey Shrike was seen again this morning at 09:30. Alan

This splendid image of the Great Grey Shrike was taken by Steve Hiscock (Lochdon) 
16th Grasspoint road: a Great grey Shrike on wire just below Ardnadrochet Farm. Andy Oldacre, Steve Hiscock, Bryan Rains and Alan Spellman                   photograph by Andy Oldacre (Lochdon)
This is the fourth record for Mull, a 'larder' was found in Dervaig in 2009 
15th Lochdon: likewise at Lochdon, plenty of Redwing flocks hunting for berried trees. Alan
14th - Loch na Keal: Forty (40) Teal near the Hatchery outfall; eight Grey Herons at high tide; and five Bar-tailed Godwits at Killiechronan.Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles Ewan Nature Scotland
4th Between Glen Forsa Beach and Salen. 100 approx golden plover. 25 turnstone. 13 ringed plover. 4 snipe. 3 redshank. I greenshank. 2 merganser.  100+ wigeon.  5 teal. Goldfinch.  Linnet. Juliet
13th Treshnish, 2 Common Scoters, prasad. Prasads Blog
13th Craignure: a Dipper on the burn near to the camp site. Ross Lawson.
11th September - 2 Swallows at Grasspoint. Ewan Miles 
12th - Isle of Mull: Lots of Redwings about today with 30 --> S at Aros Mains, 40 at Fishnish and 60 at Grasspoint being typical counts; four Goosanders (single drake) on south side of Loch na Keal. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
11th - Baliscate: Flock of 30 Redwings --> SE over Baliscate Standing Stones. Stuart Gibson

Ba Tailed Godwit by John Ogg
9th - Loch na Keal: Eleven (11) Slavonian Grebes (head of loch to Scarisdale Rocks), where three Red-throated Divers and a single Great Northern Diver; 10 Teal, eight Bar-tailed Godwits, eight Redshank, 37 Ringed Plover and 27 Golden Plover, 1 Grey Wagtail and a Sparrowhawk at Killiechronan. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles. 
Lagganulva: Ten (10) Black Guillemots, three Great Northern Divers and a single Black-throated Diver.
Ulva Ferry: An extremely pale morph Buzzard is in residence in this area. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles

Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg
9th Ardura: a female Blackcap on a feeder and Goldcrests in the trees. also two Yellow browed warbler seen again this morning. visitor John Ogg
8th - Tobermory  The 1st S./2nd W. Iceland Gull was back at the outflow behind the Masonic Hall this afternoon. It seems to favour coming to bathe and preen in the late afternoon, no doubt having spent the earlier part of the day at the local landfill site.Stuart Gibson
8th Lochdon: a large flock of Redwing around Lochdon looking for berried trees. Alan

Yellow browed Warbler at Ardura 8th October 2016 photo by visitor John Ogg
8th Ardura Cottage: Yellow Browed Warbler. (3 warbler's in total), were located at Audura Cottage, Strathcoil approx at 14:30 today (& this morning). visitor John Ogg. a first record for Mull
6th - Tobermory A 1st S. moulting into 2nd W. immature Iceland Gull was within a large assemblage of Herring Gulls at the outflow into Tobermory Bay this afternoon. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
6th - Loch Torr  A Redwing overhead at around 22.00 hrs Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
6th - Loch Torr: Two Barn Owls hunting roadside vegetation alongside the Mishnish Lochs at 20.15 hrs this evening; another (or one of same) heard calling at Loch Torr, where there was a Tawny Owl, too. Stuart Gibson and Ewan Miles
5th September: Also...received a description for a 1 year Bonaparte’s Gull at Grasspoint on 5th Sep from a Richard Payne. No photos unfortunately.... awaiting confirmation/acceptance
4th Iceland gull bathing with other gulls at river outflow, Tobermory bay today 1600. David Sexton
4th Lochdon: Lots of Wigeon on the loch now, a pair of Gooseander and single Greenshank. Alan
3rd Lochdon, two Greenshank on shore line. Alan 
2nd - Aros Park. Calling Crossbill (unseen in tree canopy) and shrieking Jay near park centre this pm.
1st - Craignure. Two Red-throated Divers in Sound of Mull (off Golf course) and a single Greenshank along Torosay shore; a Common Guillemot was very close inshore near the camp site. Stuart

Hawfinch:  Alan (mullbirds) 23rd April 2016 more pix here

Bird Sightings from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll
Tiree Sightings: September 2016

Best bird was a first-winter Swainson’s Thrush at Balephuil (22nd-23rd), the first record for Argyll if confirmed. The North American theme was strong with 2 juvenile Semipalmated Sandpipers at Vaul Bay (30th), 4 juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Loch a’ Phuill (4th) with another at Sandaig (2nd-5th) and an adult American Golden Plover at Kenovay (26th-30th), whilst the adult Pacific Golden Plover remained at Middleton (1st) and there was a juvenile Common Rosefinch at Balephuil (12th). Other good birds included a juvenile Dotterel at Balephuil (12th), a juvenile Hobby at Hynish (1st), a juvenile Mediterranean Gull at Balemartine (4th), a Turtle Dove at Balephuil (4th-5th), a Yellow-browed Warbler at Carnan Mor (27th), a Reed Warbler at Balephuil (3rd-4th) with a Lesser Whitethroat there (3rd), 3 Pied Flycatchers  at Carnan Mor / Balephuil (4th-12th), a male Redstart at Carnan Mor (24th-27th), 12 Lapland Buntings (from 4th) and a Snow Bunting at Balemartine (29th). Sea-watching in southerlies off Hynish produced a juvenile Sabine’s Gull (23rd), 2 Leach’s Petrels (11th), 19 Storm Petrels, 2 Grey Phalaropes (11th and12th) and 28 Sooty Shearwaters. A westerly gale off Aird (29th) produced 1 juvenile Sabine’s Gull, 3 Sooty Shearwaters, 35 Arctic Skuas and 13 Great Skuas. 

Light easterly winds brought a good selection of commoner migrant passerines including  3 Whitethroats (4th-13th), a Garden Warbler (17th), a Grasshopper Warbler (3rd), up to 8 Blackcaps (from 14th), 6 Chiffchaffs (from 16th) including 1 abietinus bird (28th), 17 Willow Warblers, 8 Sedge Warblers (to 29th), some 36 Goldcrests and 20 White Wagtails. There were up to 4 long-staying Mealy Redpolls at Balephuil (to 17th), 2 Lesser Redpolls at Scarinish (25th) and a Goldfinch at Meningie (7th), whilst there were late Sand Martins (to 10th), 2 House Martins at Balephuil (5th) and 3 Redwings (27th).

Wader passage was intermittent but included peaks of 398 Sanderling, 340 Ringed Plover, 345 Snipe, up to 28 Ruff, 12 Knot, 11 Curlew Sandpipers, 14 Whimbrel, 120 Bar-tailed Godwits, some 155 Black-tailed Godwits and a Jack Snipe (26th). Returning winter visitors included up to 6 Hen Harriers, 2 Sparrowhawks and 5 Merlins. Wildfowl passage included 60 Pale-bellied Brent (from 3rd), 71 Pinkfeet over south (29th) and a new Whooper Swan (24th) with 6 more (30th).

Dr John Bowler

tick infested puffin  distressing pictures click here

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