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Latest sightings for May 2015

26th Ardura:2 possibly 3 singing Wood Warblers , 2Cuckoos near the turn to Grasspoint. Andy Bayes
25th Loch Spelve: Ringtail harrier & golden eagle this morning. Edwina Sharp
25th Lochdon: Osprey carrying fish, Grasspoint road, just up from the bridge. Andy Bayes
25th - Iona Corncrakes: calling birds in meadow outside Heritage Centre, in Abbey gardens, Martyr's Bay and Fire Station (2); birds seen reasonably well despite vegetation providing better cover than of late; Rooks with fledged juvs away from Heritage Centre Rookery; several pairs of Linnet and Goldfinches and a solitary Twite near Fire Station; two Whimbrel, 15 Sanderling, six Dunlin and a few Ringed Plovers at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, where also 16 Eiders; very bleached 1st S imm Iceland Gull; and another pair of Linnets at Fionnphort. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
25th Lochdon: fishing Osprey again this morning. Alan

24th Iona: A first summer iceland gull on beach on west side of iona. Chris Northwood, visitor.

24th Tobermory: In the garden, siskin, collared dove, wren, chaffinch, greenfinch, house sparrow, great tit, blue tit, blackbird, starling, great spotted woodpecker ,swallow. Road to Glengorm; cuckoo on wire, kept returning to same spot. Golden eagle just past Kilninian. Tobermory lighthouse walk. song thrush, willow warbler, chiffchaff, raven, shag, 2 gannets, 4 oystercatchers. Barry Bishop regular visitor.
24th Tobermory: Male Chiffchaff in song at Aros Park and the local Magpie was in the Mull Magic garden this afternoon. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
23rd -Fanmore/Knock: Male Yellowhammer, calling Cuckoo & 2 Wood Pigeons near Fanmore, a small, but noisy group of Crossbills were heard whilst photographing the Bluebells at Knock. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
24th Grasspoint Road: Wood Warbler near the cattle grid before the uphill bends. Andy Bayes
24th 2 Pomarine Skuas and 2 Arctic Skuas north of Mull. Whimbrel at entrance to Loch Sunart  Ewans Blog
24th Lochdon: a fishing Osprey, a single Whooper Swan and an Otter in front of 'Maridon' Edwina & David  Sharp. guests a Maridon self catering.
 17th - Ardmore.  Woodcock with 2 young and 10+ Crossbill Simon Taylor
18th - Loch Buie. 1 GN Diver, 1 Yellowhammer singing. Croggan - 1 WTSE and Dipper darting down the foreshore, Common Sandpiper nest with 4 eggs. Loch Ba 2 Redstart, 1 Spotted Flycatcher. Simon Taylor
20th Lochan Tor - 2 Whinchat, 1 Treecreeper and a Raven tumble diving. Simon Taylor
22nd 49 Eider on Loch Spelve (35 male),male Hen Harrier and 2 x SEO on the left  between Strathcoil and Lochdon.  The HH and one of the SEO interacted. 1  male Reed Bunting in gorse in the ditch while we were watching the SEO and HH. Love your website - it makes up for not being there! Liz Shrewsbury 
22nd - Lochdon - Morning session brought 2 x SE Owl, 1 Osprey, 1 Hen Harrier, 1 Kestrel, 1 Buzzard, 2 WTSE. 
22nd evening - 8 GN Diver at Killiechronan. Simon Taylor5th-23rd - Killiechronan - 1 Wood Warbler singing, 2 Ringed Plover + GN Divers on the loch Simon Taylor 
20th. Loch Beg. Fantastic view of Short Eared Owl sitting and hunting on the edge of the loch. Gary Dyson
22nd. Short eared owl again just above Drervaig. Hunting. Gary Dyson
23rd Haun: a Magpie here.  Prasads Blog  (this  bird seems to be moving round the north of the island) AS
23rd Ardrioch, Dervaig: a Garden Warbler seen by Arthur Brown. (very few records of this warbler) AS
21st Loch Cuin (Dervaig)  twp summer plumaged Black tailed Godwits here. Arthur Brown
21st Gribun: excellent view of Snipe by the roadside. Hanah Strange

Black tailed Godwit by kind permission of Sindri Skullason
20th Lochdon: a Osprey with a very large fish flew overhead, Short eared Owls interacting and a female Hen Harrier. Liz Shrewsbury. 
20th North Mull waters: Pomarine Skua and four Long tailed Skua. Ewan Miles. Ewans Blog
20th Tostary: a Magpie in the garden of the last house as you go up the hill. Pam Brown. Discover Mull Tours
20th Torosay: 2 migrant Whimbrel along shore with 3 calling Crossbills overhead. 
19th Grasspoint road just after cattle grid on R/h side osprey sat on fence posts being attacked by short eared owl which then turned its attack onto a white tailed eagle that flew over, stunning entertainment for 15 mins. Also seen from same viewpoint male hen harrier hunting towards lochdon. Di Earnshaw
19th - Garmony: Female Eider with five recently hatched ducklings.
19th - Tobermory: The local Magpie was inside the bird table this evening helping itself to food put out for sparrows and thrushes. 
19th Lochdon: a Long eared Owl on a post  near Lochdon at 10.00pm. Marcus Conway
19th Tobermory: 2cy Glaucous Gull Ewan 
19th Tobermory Harbour: a Glaucous gull here today at 14:30hrs. Norman Greatholder
19th Lochdon: The Osprey was fishing successfully again this afternoon. Alan
18th Knock: a Spotted Flycatcher Norman Greatholder visitor
18th  a Great Northern Diver at the Ulva ferry crossing. Ormaig  a Short Eared Owl on the open moorland, also a cuckoo flying overhead and male and female Stonechat. Liz Shrewsbury 
18th Pomarine Skua and 2 Arctic Skuas (all light phase) on passage, north of Mull. Tiercel Peregrine on the north-east coast. Ewan Ewans Blog
18th - Garmony 20 Turnstones at High Tide roost; several migrant Ringed Plover with six Dunlin (two groups of three), at least one of which belonged to the short-billed, grey-backed 'arctica' subspecies which breeds in Greenland; two creches of Canada Geese each with three goslings, although one was taken by a Herring Gull as we watched; a pair of Goosander; song-flighting Whitethroat; and single Crossbill were among the bird highlights of our walk today. 
16th - Tobermory Immature (prob. 1st S) Iceland Gull flying SW over Eas Brae at 09.45 hrs; unusually several Sand Martins hawking insects with Swallows over Tobermory River at foot of Eas Brae this morning.
18th Lochdon: Our local White tailed Eagles arrived here in 1984 are now 35-36 years old, are still together and have produced one chick this year, quite a feat for this old couple. Alan 
18th Martin reports a Little Gull seen from 'Lady Jayne' in Loch na Keal. Mull Charters
18th Treshnish, 1 juvenile (2CY) Glaucous Gull over Treshnish wood. prasad. Prasads Blog

male Hen Harrier by Garry Hird
17th Just come back from Mull and thought you might be interested in some of our sightings last week.
2 Little Gulls fishing on Loch  Ba, 2 pr of Redstarts in the same area, Great Skua flew over  near Glengorm Castle,  a male Hen Harrier hunting over the fields, Buzzard flying over Glen More and a Short Eared Owl chased it off, Corncrakes everywhere on Iona, as well as the usual Eagles and other fantastic birds.
Garry Hird & Brian. 
17th Dervaig to Acileck: golden eagle, white tailed sea eagle, buzzard , several wheatear. Kevin & Patricia Taylor from Chatteris Cambridgeshire 
17th Lochdon: Osprey fishing over Lochdon at 0930hrs today. Edwina & David Sharp & Alan Spellman
17th - Iona: Seven Corncrakes, including two pairs and single male giving prolonged views out in the open; two small groups of migratory waders, totalling 12 Ringed Plovers, 6 Dunlin and one Sanderling; nine Whimbrel; four pairs of Eider and one pair of Shelduck; and several pairs of Linnets. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
16th - Langamull: A small group of migratory Ringed Plover and Dunlin; a breeding pair of injury feigning Ringed Plover with c/3; several Gannets feeding offshore; two Arctic Terns and two Bonxies patrolling the coastline.
16th Loch Scridain:  a single male Northern Diver.  We were able to see it swallow a crab, surprisingly easily! 
Also saw the male Loch Na Keal WTE near the Knock fish farm, being mobbed by assorted gulls.  It returned to the nest area "empty taloned", Liz Shrewsbury 
16th Ardura Oak Woodland: a male Redstart singing. Willow Warbler. Arthur Brown & Alan Spellman
15th The Grasshopper Warbler is still reeling this evening, 10pm, best heard from the recycling bins at Baliscate. Not in a very viewable area unfortunately, an Osprey at Lochdon this afternoon, also female Merlin there. Ian Ellis

taken this evening along the Grasspoint road 14th May 2015 Alan
14th Lochdon: two Ospreys over the loch this morning Rosie and Rod Salzman (my neighbours)

Taken by Andy Oldacre today 14th May 2015
13th - Isle of Ulva: One singing Wood Warbler, two singing Blackcaps, male Whitethroat, singing Goldcrest and displaying Tree Pipit; two singing Goldfinches and three Linnets (inc. resplendent male); a male Cuckoo with a triple note call; a pair of Shelduck, plus two Whimbrel on shore. Also, small numMagic Wildlife Walks
13th Loch na Keal: a adult male surf scoter  on back road to Ben Moore Estate.  John Dowson
13th Loch na Keal: a male Surf Scoter on the loch, west of Eorsa. reported by Martin Keivers on 'Lady Jayne'

male Surf Scoter by Marcus Conway (copywrite) e birder from 'Lady Jayne'
12th Duart Castle: 3 White Wagtail at Duart Castle.  Ian Ellis
11th Fidden: 64 Golden Plover and 19+ Barnacle Geese at Fidden. Female Goshawk at Glen More (I will submit a full description after I get home if required; I'm familiar with this species from Wyre Forest, Breckland, and foreign birding trips). Ian Ellis
10th May - Solitary light phase pomarine skua in waters north of Mull. Ewan Ewans Blog
10th Male short-eared owl in song, north side of Ben More. 2 Arctic skuas (1 light, 1 dark phase) harassing shearwaters north of loch Cuin. Ewan Ewans Blog
11th Killiechronan: Colin Moody reports a pair of Canada Geese and goslings here. Colin
12th - Loch Ba: Two Redstarts singing despite heavy rain; a Carrion Crow among several Hooded Crows near Hunting Lodge; a pair of Goosanders and three (two drakes) Red-breasted Mergansers; a pair of Ringed Plover with chicks; and 10 Golden Plover were among the highlights of our walk in challenging conditions today. Mull 
9th - Loch Ba: Several song-flighting Lesser Redpoll, 3 - 4 singing Tree Pipits and one calling bird on the ground, two singing male Redstarts (one in Scots Pines near old Hunting Lodge and another in birchwood further along track), three (one male) Golden Plover, pair of breeding Ringed Plover, pair of Red-breasted Merganser, four immature White-tailed Eagles over Beinn Talaidh, two calling Cuckoos and two birds seen together, as well as three Red-throated Divers on loch in late afternoon during today's walk. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
12th Lochdon: two Whimbrel on shore this morning Alan
9th A walk to Loch Ba on Friday evening produced drumming snipe, golden plover, lots of lapwing, and tree pipit.There was a male redstart in the cottage garden next to the car park at Knock. Mick Smith

Sedge Warbler by Michael Booth (south Yorkshire) May 2015
A brief résumé of my sightings for the week: David Hatfield
1/5: Langamull 2 WTSE; 14 whimbrel; 6 dunlin; 20 rock pipit; 2 ringed plover; 2 white wagtail; hunting sparrowhawk (seen twice during the day); 1 arctic tern; 3 twite. Calgary female merlin; 2 or 3 calling cuckoo.
3/5: Loch Cuin 1 goosander; 15 dunlin; 6 or 7 pairs of redshank and common sandpiper; 1 whimbrel. Quinish woods: 1 male hen harrier hunting close to 'Pond Cottage'; 4 crossbill in Cuin pines. 
4/5: Quinish Estate - 3 singing wood warblers (on main track from Cuin gates to Pond Cottage bridge); also a small troop of mixed passerines bathing in the sunshine:- 2 long-tailed tit, 2 blackcap, wood warbler, willow warbler, chiffchaff, tree creeper, and a 'trumpeting' bullfinch (?); 1 WTSE on headland; tree pipit parachuting from beeches past Quinish House; on headland pasture large flocks of pipits and some white wagtails passing through; at sea:- lots of manxies; kittiwake; auks; and 1 bonxie, plus 2 distant skuas (Arctic?). Dervaig:- house martins have returned.
6/5: Glengorm Estate 3 pairs of winchat; 4 pairs of stonechat along the track to Ballimeanoch; small numbers of breeding lapwing and curlew.
7/5: Langamull 21 whimbrel; 1 golden plover; 1 WTSE; 1 bonxie and 2 possible arctic skua (distant). Dervaig 2 whitethroat; 6 drumming snipe and 2 calling water rail at 10pm (the reed bed). Loch Cuin 21 dunlin.
Best wishes for the summer, David Hatfield.
9th Lochdon: an Osprey at 8.00pm at Lochdon Bridge. Alan
13th The osprey photographed at Loch Don recently with the blue leg ring TF was ringed at Loch Lomond in 2012. David Sexton  Mull Officer
9th Salen: Just to let you out sedge warbler returned 4th May along with Grasshopper warbler.  We are also now seeing 2 reed buntings.   Debby Thorne
8th Lochdon: 3 Whimbrel here all day.  (no sign of any Osprey) Alan
8th Comon Terns with a couple of the Arctic variety busy with sand eel courtship at Langamull. Upwards of a dozen Whimbrel and six golden plover between Port Na Ba and Langamull, also a similar number of Golden Plover seen yesterday by the river Clachaig at Loch Ba. Roger Craven
8th - Sound of Mull: A Great Skua at entrance/exit of Sound of Mull, flying towards Ardnamurchan Lighthouse this pm.Stuart Gibson
7th Loch Ba  Redstart singing. Garmony picnic site -at least 4 Great Northern Divers, 8 Arctic Skuas harassing the terns (7 dark phase and 1 pale phase). Loch na Keal 1 WTE and 1 Golden Eagle from s side.
Richard and Lynda Popplewell
7th Fidden: 25 Barnacle Geese at Fidden this morning with one Brent Goose amongst the flock. Emily Wilkins Ranger - South Mull, Iona, Burg and Staffa NNR
7th Croig, 1 Grey Plover, 1 Whimbrel and 1 White Wagtail at Port na Bà and at least 11 Comtic Terns around Croig (both species present). prasad  Prasads Blog
7th Male Reed bunting and a pair of sandpipers foraging on the edges of our lochan. Suidhe, Bunessan. Tony Jefree. male Reed Bunting at Pennyghaels, Alan
6th Lochdon 2 Osprey at Lochdon this morning, so they are still around. Felicity Pollard
6th Osprey flying along the ridge above Scarisdale Woods, Pam Brown Discover Mull Tours
6th Loch Ba: An osprey fishing over Loch Ba. Juliet Vines
6th Ardura Woods - two Wood warbler   plus Tree Pipit (photo attached). Loch na Keal-  WTE sitting in tree from pull in at N side of loch and Golden Eagle on S side. Loch Scridain nr turnoff to Tiroran -  mixed flock of c40 linets and twite. Richard and Lynda Popplewell
6th Craignure: Just had the biggest Magpie on our Trellis trying to get some nuts but he is obviously too big to go on the feeders. First one I have seen up here. Jan Hall
6th - Isle of Mull Bird Club 'Dawn Chorus', Tobermory,
A terrific couple of hours in Aros Park from 4.30 this morning, wakening up to the sounds of resident and migrant birds. A Robin started the chorus, followed by Blackbird and Song Thrush. Highlights included a Woodcock roding at 4.20 am; a male Tawny Owl; a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker; several Blackcaps singing, a male Chiffchaff, two Goldcrests in song, several male Treecreepers singing and the throaty coo-ing of a Wood Pigeon. Well worth the early morning alarm call. Stuart Gibson 
5th Osprey flying high above Lochdon at. 17:05hrs Lee Dutton
Also had Woodcock at Grasspoint
5th  Osprey hovering over Lochdon just outside our cottage window at 5:00 pm in the pouring rain ?
a pair of stonechats , tree pipit and summer plumage Great Northern Diver at Grasspoint. Later we had c8 Dunlin and 2 ringed plover at Garmony picnic site and a grey wagtail at Craignure harbour.Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire 
5th Grasshopper Warbler heard reeling from the cottage in Salen at 09.00. Loch na Keal i, six RB Mergansers and three GN Divers  and a pair of Twite on the camping area which has made my day!
Mick Smith
4th Wood Warbler singing Tobermory end of Aros Park  Mike Wagemakers

Cuckoo at Lochdon photo by Lee Dutton 5th May 2015
4th Lochdon  Cuckoo at Lochdon also one along the Grasspoint Road Lee Dutton visitor, Alan
4th Glengorm to Dun Ara produced 35 species inc stonechats and cuckoo. From Dun Ara we had views of gannets diving, guillemots, black guillemots, a great northern diver and a single common tern.Mick Smith
4th - Loch Ba Male Redstart singing and prospecting in 'new' area of birch wood, but unknown if one or two pairs present; 3 - 4 displaying Tree Pipits; drake Goosander; five immature White-tailed Eagles in air together over Gruline; and a male Hen Harrier high above summit of Beinn Talaidh at estimated height of 2,800 ft +.
4th Iona: 10 Corncrakes on Iona today and summer plumage Great Northern Diver off the ferry ramp. In Glenmore we had a pair of Golden Eagles and at the North end of Loch Spelve a pair of Short Eared Owls were harassing a male and female Hen Harrier. Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire
3rd lots of wheatears,rock and meadow pipits and 12+ whimbrel on the N shore of Loch na Keal j Also 1 adult WTE being mobbed by corvids. Richard and Lynda Popplewell, South Yorkshire
3rd  a female hen harrier from the cottage at Salen.  seven eider duck and two red- breasted merganser in Aros Bay.  Glen Bellart produced the male Hen Harrier and two sightings of a white tailed sea eagle and a pair of stonechats. Mick Smith
3rd Grasspoint: at least two Grasshopper Warblers reeling along the Grasspoint Road. LeeDutton.
2nd Lochdon:  an Osprey fishing in Lochdon  at 1:45pm noted in our wildlife diary. Carol,  Craignure VIC V
2nd Redstart by track to Loch Ba and pair of Goosander on loch. Sedge warbler singing at campsite north end of Loch na Keal. Whinchat, Hen Harrier and 16 Golden Plover along Glen Bellart Mick Smith
2nd - Treshnish Three Whimbrel and a solitary Twite at Port Haunn. Mull Magic Wildlife Walks
1st Increasing numbers of gannets west of Inch Kenneth, 2 separate groups of 4 each white tailed eagles, golden eagle being mobbed by ravens, hen harrier over Ulva and a redstart on the way home yesterday.
Martin Mull Charters
1st Light Bellied Brent Goose at Fidden this evening. Mick Smith
1st - Loch na Keal Male Sedge Warbler in song at same time as a male Linnet singing near WTE pull-in on North shore.
1st - Bloody Bay, Tobermory Two immaculate Summer plumage Great Northern Divers were in the vicinity of the Fish Farm am. Stuart Gibson and Ruth Fleming
1st was pleased to see a Tree Sparrow today on the feeder, and then I looked at your list to see it was quite rare, so thought Id let you know. I live near Tiroran, PA69 6ET.  Marie Fox
1st W T Eagle loch na Keal sat in conifer, also one at Craignure golf course sat in tree,short eared owl at Ben more Simon Smith
1st Lochdon: Lochdon Osprey fishing 11.15am Steve Hiscock
Tick infested Puffin pix here

Bird Sightings from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll

Tiree Sightings: April 2015

Best birds were a drake Green-winged Teal at Loch an Eilein (13th-14th), a Red Kite at Cornaigmore (6th), a female Marsh Harrier at Balephuil (19th) and a pair of Garganey at Loch Garradh nan Capull (17th), although rarer for Tiree was a Stock Dove at Balephuil (28th) - the first here since 1999.Other good spring birds included juvenile Iceland Gulls at Loch an Eilein (2nd-9th) and Ruaig (9th), plus up to 3 juvenile Glaucous Gulls (to 23rd). Island scarcities included a Jack Snipe at The Reef (2nd), a Mistle Thrush at Balemartine (2nd), 3 Mealy Redpolls (from 17th) and 2 Woodpigeons (from 19th).

Northerly winds at the end of the month caused a build-up of passage waders including 425 Black-tailed Godwits (28th) and up to 4,750 Golden Plovers, although only 9 Pale-bellied Brent were seen. Corncrakes returned from 21st but only 8 were back by the month-end. The Barnacle Geese and Greenland White-fronts departed en masse (17th), with only small numbers of both thereafter. 11 Whooper Swans remained at the end of the month and 43 Great Northern Divers were at Gott Bay (24th). Further returning migrants included over 200 White Wagtails (from 8th), Chiffchaff (5th), House Martin (7th), Greenshank (8th), Blackcap (9th), Swallow (10th), Sand Martin (11th), Willow Warbler (16th), Little Tern (16th), Whimbrel (16th), Arctic Tern (23rd), Sedge Warbler (24th), Arctic Skua (24th) and Common Tern (28th).

John Bowler

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