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August 2014 Bird Sightings from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll here
last months records give an insight to what's happening on Tiree
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Latest reports for September 2014 

14th - Beinn a Ghraig: As expected, birds at a premium but did see a couple of premium birds, a pair of Golden Eagles, along with a single Wheatear and a Meadow Pipit 1800 ft asl. Ruth Fleming. Magic Wildlife Walks
14th today on road to croggan mute swans, yellowhammers, little grebe, pied wagtails, cormorants, blackcap, widgeon, oyster catchers , buzzards, golden eagle , stonechat and windchat. Jon and Rachel
10th close up views today .....golden eagle at close range just after turning for loch buie/croggan over cattle grid where they've cut trees down. Jon & Rachel Goddard
9th 30 plus storm petrels, 2 RT divers and a GN diver along with 8 arctic skuas and a possible pom in waters to the north of Mull. Ewan Ewans Blog
10th We saw a Jay  at Acharonich, flying over the road (around 2k east of Ulva ferry).also counted 11 buzzards flying together at Treshnish Point on the same day. Graham Henderson
11th - Loch Ba: Six species of raptor including three Hen Harriers, a w/p Great Northern Diver and two Grey Wagtails on our walk today.Ruth Fleming Magic Wildlife Walks
10th - Torosay: Single Red-throated Diver close in and 39 eclipse Red-breasted Mergansers in moult flock in Duart Bay, where there were two juvenile Black Guillemots; calling Blackcap in Torosay woods. Ruth Fleming Magic Wildlife Walks
9th Loch Cuin: The Kingfisher is still around seen and reported by. Zara Tivey and Jon & Rachel Goddard

Kingfisher at Dervaig Loch Cuin, Photo by Martin Jones
8th - Langamull: Three juvenile Sanderling, tired and asleep, with Ringed Plovers at Croig Oyster Farm; another four juvenile Sanderling, feeding and very alert, at Port na Ba; single Wheatear at Croig was the only one that we saw today. Ruth Fleming. 
8th - Tobermory: Magpie!.  Ruth Fleming
7th - Tobermory:The only Magpie on Mull and a calling Blackcap were in the Mull Magic garden today.
8th Lochdon: a Greenshank, Whimbrel and a hunting female Hen Harrier. at the Goten end a Merlin chasing Meadow Pipts. Alan mullbirds
8th Lochdon: a Jay flew across the road in front of our car this morning. Alan mullbirds
7th 3 Turnstone on Erisgeir today Martin
7th Carsaig: 2 adult white-tailed eagles on rocks in the bay, 2 golden eagles,1 female merlin,1 female hen harrier,4 raven on the road between carsaig and pennyghael......kilfinichen bay-1 male merlin sat on a small rock close to the road to burg. Dave Soons and Dave Collins 
7th Loch Cuin Dervaig: The Kingfisher was sighted here again today Matin Jones
6th Lochdon: an Osprey fishing on the loch this evening. Rosie Salzman
7th we are not suprised to find one Kingfisher around our coastline at this time of year as young birds disperse, the nearest breeding birds are at Loch Sunart in Morvern. This year however we have recorded four different birds in August and September; at Aros Bridge, Loch Cuin, Garmony and Killiechronan. Alan S
6th Great northern diver in flight heading south, solitary storm petrel, light and dark phase arctic skua taking on a kittiwake. Ewan 
4th Dervaig: A Kingfisher at Dervaig, sitting on some rocks on the seaward side of the small road bridge as you leave the village towards Calgary. The plumage seemed a little duller than other birds we've seen, perhaps a juvenile as suggested in the Mull birds report. Matthew Midgley and Rachel Gartner
3rd Garmony:I The Kingfisher we watched was at the Garmony pick nic area and was a male. Steve Evans (West Yorkshire)
4th Knock:  A sighting of a Jay this morning on the Knock to Salen road.  I see from your list that this a scarce sighting on Mull. Also off note was a Red throated diver on Loch Ba on the 31st August. We also saw a Greenshank on Ulva on the 2nd September. Today we were up at Loch Frisa and had fantastic views of the sea eagles, golden eagles and had a brief glimpse of a female hen harrier. N.B. I think your website is brilliant. I look at your daily sightings most days at home. (Thank you kindly) Vic and Rosie Kolodziejczyk. 
3rd Loch Cuin:  a Kingfisher at Loch Cuin today at approx 1750hrs.  Taken from the parking spot, in front of Cheryl & Moira's house; photo's taken from approx 250m away. Martin Jones
2nd - Loch Ba: Thirty Lapwings, 20 Curlews and a single Snipe are the only waders left after the breeding season; ca. 20 Linnets feeding on weed seeds near cattle troughs; and a single Rock Pipit (with Meadow Pipits) ca. 2 miles inland from the coast at Loch na Keal. We record one or two Rock Pipits at this location most years.
Ruth Fleming 
2nd Loch Cuin: We’ve just seen a Kingfisher at Loch Cuin, Dervaig will send you a picture later.
Arthur & Pam . Discover Mull Tours
2nd Treshnish, 1 Common Redpoll, 1 Willow Warbler, 22 Mistle Thrushes at the Old Schoolhouse, Prasads 
2nd Lochdon: Briefly over Lochdon, an Osprey this afternoon. Alan 
1st Grasspoint: Perhaps it is nice to know for you that today while being at Grasspoint, at the viewpoint on top of the cliffs we saw 1 Swift flying arround. At that time also some Barn Swallows were there but because we have lots of swifts in Holland (I'm also involved in a swift counting project) it was directly clear it was one.
I don't know if this is "news" for you, but on all holiday's we've spent on Mull we never saw one and on your website it looks like it is not so common...I also saw a Black-tailed godwit  2 days ago at a field near Lochbuie. Best regards and thanks for the great website you have, over the years that we are visiting Mull we've checked it a lot!!   Bart Jaspers. Netherlands.
1st Lochdon:  Single Osprey observed for a good while fishing and bathing by the bridge at beginning of Grasspoint road. Also saw our first otter at Croggan being 'assisted' in its crab dinner by two hooded crows.
Thanks so much for producing the Mull bird report, it has been invaluable on our first holiday here, 
Matthew Midgley and Rachel Gartner
1st Lochdon: 3 Greenshank and 5 Redshank on the loch shore this morning. Alan

Mull Eagle Watch update – July 2014.  from David Sexton RSPB Oficer for Mull
For some years I’ve been doing email updates each season to a large number of people who have been involved in Mull Eagle Watch over the years. Over time emails have changed, people have moved and so on, so the list is probably now very out of date. So instead I’ll post updates on mullbrds website and the Mull Bird Club website courtesy of Alan Spellman and Andy Oldacre and hope that this way the eagle news reaches the people who want to keep up to date. 
Mull Eagle Watch has evolved considerably over the years to keep pace with the growing white-tailed eagle population and the number of people from on and off the island who want to be involved. Some nests are now watched over by local residents, others by trusted volunteers and visitors, some by wildlife tours and for others their best protection is their remoteness. The threats too have changed from the early days of egg collectors (who haven’t completely gone away but the threat has slowly diminished) to irresponsible photographers who feel they are above the law and put a photo above the welfare of the bird. The last two prosecutions here have involved photographers disturbing nesting sea eagles and both incidents were spotted by volunteers and wildlife tours so the system is working.
The healthy population of white-tailed eagles on Mull shows that they are breeding successfully and that the current Mull Eagle Watch system is broadly effective with 20 territorial pairs now resident here. There are good years and bad years with natural failures and occasional incidents but overall the trend is encouraging. So how are things looking in 2014?
I am hopeful that 15 young sea eagles are currently on the verge of fledging and some have already done so. Some sites are well known and can be covered here. The pair known as Fingal and Iona at the Mull Eagle Hide has one chick in the nest which is about to fly any day now all being well. Trips to the Hide can be booked on 01680 812 556 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01680 812 556 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting and run Monday to Friday 10am and 1pm. They will continue even after the chick fledges as the birds will still be very visible. Please support this community run project if you’re coming to Mull. The rangers John Clare and Rachel French will  ensure you have a memorable trip. The pair which are widely watched from Killiechronan at the head of Loch na Keal (Territory 29) have fledged two chicks this year. Our old timers at Lochdon (T2) sadly failed for unknown reasons. We’ve thought before that this is the beginning of the end for these birds now in their early 30’s but then they bounce back and surprise us, so we’re not writing them off yet! At Craignure golf course (T27) this pair has one chick which is due to fledge shortly. They are best viewed from the layby a short way north of the golf club car park where a yellow Mull Eagle Watch sign is in place. Long time favourites Skye and Frisa (T18) have a single chick up and about already and the pair regularly seen on whale watch trips out of Tobermory (T51) also has a single chick. All the others are quietly getting on with things and I will give a final count on all the Mull fledged eaglets later in the autumn.
This year Mull Eagle Watch pioneered a UK first with a new webcam from a sea eagle nest with the male Cuin and the female Sula (wing tagged White 5 from the 2007 east coast release scheme). They were also filmed for this year’s BBC Springwatch and the webcam enabled us to reveal a remarkable event when an intruding one year old sea eagle forced this year’s chick out of the nest. The chick survived unharmed and was rescued before Forestry Commission Scotland rangers helped return her to the nest. She has recently fledged successfully – this time under her own steam! The webcam can be visited at although the nest is now empty.
In other news, with BBC Springwatch we tracked down Skye and Frisa’s 2005 chick Itchy who is now a father himself and has one chick this year. It was the first time I’d seen him in 9 years and was quite a moment. It made all the effort of Mull Eagle Watch over the years worthwhile and seeing Itchy soaring out over the sea with his white tail gleaming in the sun was a sight to behold. PC Finlay Christine was there the day we ringed Itchy and his brother Scratchy in 2005. He is much missed and worked tirelessly for Mull’s eagles; he would have been very proud!
Dave Sexton      RSPB Scotland Mull Officer     Tel: 01680 300 387    mobile  07818 803 382

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