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Latest sightings for July 2020

Latest sightings for July 2019
31st From the road between Burnessan & Uisken, late yesterday afternoon the 31st of July, I spotted a male hen harrier quartering the hillside Barry Patterson
29th: Garmony - 30 Eider Ducks with two ducklings, 2 Curlews, Red-breasted Merganser, 6 Turnstones, 4 Black-headed Gulls (all separate), 2 Mallard Ducks, 8 House Martins flying around.
28th: Craignure/Java - 1st summer Black-headed Gull, Curlew.
27th: Craignure/Java - Lesser Black-backed Gull (in my neighbours garden!), 1st summer Black-headed Gull, Red-Breasted Merganser.Nancy Somerville
25th: Craignure/Java - Black-headed Gull. Scallastle forest path - Great-spotted Woodpecker, Spotted Flycatcher. Garmony - adult Gannet flying along the Sound. Scallastle Bay - 2 Curlew, 2 Black-headed Gulls, 2 Redshank
24th: Craignure/Java - Black-headed Gull, adult Gannet flying along the Sound, 3 Buzzards together over the hospital.
23rd: Craignure/Java - Snipe calling by hospital, Sparrowhawk knocked feral pigeon to the ground but was chased off by Hooded Crows (pigeon escaped!) Scallastle Bay - 4 Common Sandpipers, adult Gannet flying along the Sound. Nancy Somerville

25th Have you ever had one of those sightings that are so definite, but so improbable and unlikely as to make you doubt yourself and feel foolish? So, my question is Did anyone else report 2 Velvet Scoter at Gribun today and is it possible?  Steve and Linda Littlewood.  Below taken from the Isle of Mull Bird Report.(available to buy)
Velvet Scoter  Melanitta fusca  scarce autumn-winter visitor and passage.
Occasionally found off the NW coast and in larger sea lochs, birds have been recorded in most years. 2010. 5 birds in August and 2011 a single on Loch na Keal. 2013 at Garmony point, 4 birds here in July. 2014 on Loch na Keal single bird October. 2015 on Loch na Keal in April, a single immature bird. 2016 24th Oct Loch na Keal. 4 birds were recorded. 2019 25th July. Loch na Keal 2 birds at Gribun, Steve Littlewood.
25th a Great day yesterday. All in the same place Manx shearwater, 3 Crossbill  2 female 1 male,. Red throated diver and great Northern diver. Near the otter sign car park Loch Scridain. Jacquie and Mike Murphy Enjoy Mull Tours
22nd  Grasshopper warbler heard this evening and yesterday morning near Grasspoint, and from the point yesterday, arctic skua with the terns. Plenty of Manx shearwaters this evening. visitor Ian Mcmahon
22nd 13 summer plumaged Black tailed Godwits just past the parking area for Ben More.Pete and Jan Hall  
21st: Garmony - Black-headed Gull
20th: Craignure/Java - 3 Common Sandpipers, immature Gannet flying along the Sound. Tobermory Bay - adult Gannet, Black Guillemot. Salen - 2 Mute Swans, 4 Common Sandpipers, 3 Curlews. Nancy Somerville
19th: Craignure/Java - Common Sandpiper. From Craignure-Oban ferry - 6 groups of Common Guillemots with young and a few Razorbills, approx 40 Manx Shearwaters with approx 15 Kittiwakes, 2 adult Gannets, 2 Terns (Common or Arctic?) Nancy Somerville
21st  an Osprey fishing opposite Pennyghael Stores. Bryan Rains
15th a report received of a Kingfisher at the bridge on the Grasspoint road, visitors Sue and Steve Campbell. (most unusual for this time of year, normally winter visitor)
17th: Craignure/Java - 10 Swallows lined up along a fence.
16th: Scallastle forest path - Whitethroat, Sparrowhawk. Garmony coast - approx 50 Oystercatchers, Eider duck with 2 ducklings, 2 House Martins. Nancy Somerville
16th  9am- Oban Ferry. Large numbers of Guillemots on the water most accompanying young. Common and Arctic Terns and lots of Manx Shearwater in distance. Also two pods of Porpoise. Ron Cordeiro.
15th 2 Black-throated Divers on Loch Tuath today along with a Red-throated Diver. Ewan Miles
14th.  I am a 15 year old enthusiastic birdwatcher from the west of Ireland, my family are staying at the Craignure caravan park for the next few days Today I spotted 5 female Eiders and 8 ducklings by the rocks on the northern side of the Calgary bay. Above the hills on both sides of the bay there were buzzards soaring high (I am pretty sure there weren't any eagles). I also saw 3 Linnets amongst the trees there as well. We saw 2 Buzzards just outside Dervaig. We also saw a juvenile Little grebe on one of the lochs near Dervaig. As a bonus we also managed to get a look at a herd of Fallow Deer outside of Salen. It was a great first day of wildlife on MullI would like to thank you for the wonderful website and the Bird report book .They have been very helpful to us.  Kian Meyerink.
13th: Craignure/Java - single Black-headed Gull. Nancy Somerville
11th: Craignure/Java - Common Snipe calling (field by the hospital)  Nancy Somerville

11th Craignure, a Nuthatch reported in a local garden (again), one seen visiting earlier in the year in April. Andrew Saul.
This elusive species is more regularly seen but as yet, no confirmation of Breeding, (do we need to do a detailed survey?)
12th Oban. Two black guillemots at waterside below Corran Halls, Donald Gillies
female bullfinch Nancy Sommerville
10th: Craignure - female bullfinch. Nancy Sommerville
7th: Craignure/Java - 2 common sandpipers. Scallastle Bay - 4 common sandpipers Nancy Somerville
6th There has been a long eared owl, squeaky gate call in the small plantation at Kintra on the 6th and 7th. I also saw one flying around there at 11pm on 6th. Petr Skinner.
6th: Treshnish, 1 male Marsh Harrier.prasad
6th: Scallastle Bay - ringed plover with 2 chicks.Nancy Somerville
5th: Garmony - eider duck with 3 very small ducklings, 3 eider drakes (eclipse plumage). Nancy Somerville
 6th.  North Mull  100's of  Manx shearwaters,  2 storm petrel  off north of Mull.visitor Dave Pierce
5th Lochdon . an adult male  Hen harrier at Lochdon.visitor Dave Pierce.
4th Pennyyghael. Great Northern Diver at Pennyghale last night along from the Kinloch hotel, Simon Duckworth
3rd,  dunlin 5 Garmony, corncrake heard at least 4 times near pontoon landing area Lunga, Treshnish Isles pm.Bottled-nosed dolphin 5, prob 7 just north of Lunga.
4th, South side of Loch na Keal.  2 Twite  near Dhiseig. visitor Dave Pierce
3rd: Craignure/Java - 5 Common Sandpipers, 2 Arctic Terns, 3 Red-Breasted Mergansers (1 female, 2 eclipse males), Sparrowhawk, 3 Bullfinches (at least 2 fledglings). Approx 200 Kittiwakes on Lady's Rock with a few Great Black-Backed and Herring Gulls. A few Razorbills, Gannets and Common and Black Guillemots seen from ferry on crossing to Oban. 6 Swifts over Oban Tesco car park. Nancy Somerville
 gold banded dragonfly by Pete Hall
Gold banded dragonfly by Pete Hall

3rd July Lochdon. male Siskins are looking so colourful right now.
2nd Lochdon. 40 Curlew and a 2nd calendar  year male Hen Harrier. visitor Dave Pierce
2nd July: Craignure/Java - Redpoll (male), juvenile Grey Wagtail, juvenile Rock Pipit, Common Sandpiper, 2 Red-Breasted
Mergansers (female & eclipse male), Arctic(?) Tern  Nancy Somerville 
1st Glen More. 5 Swifts over the Ben More mountain range, 1700 feet up. Ewan Miles    
Mull staying at Burnside June 15th on wards.
some records: There seemed to be good numbers of whinchat with family groups in many places including up the road to Gorten.  Sand martin colony up there doing well and an overflow site off the track overlooking Grasspoint.. A cuckoo above Laggan Farm on the 18th and a bonxie around Lochbuie on the same day.  There were many family groups of wheatear around the Laggan dunes. A grasshopper warbler was heard below Auchnacraig on 20th. On 21st a pair of redstarts with 4 young near Croggan Farm. A ringtail hen harrier was hunting below Ardnadrochit on 23rd and 24th, but this was the only sighting.A great N diver off Garmony on 24th.on 27th June 7 red throated divers were gathered in the centre of Lochbuie, they were very vocal. On same day a family group of spotted flycatchers were off the Glenbyre track.These were the highlight, no sightings of Hen Harrrier up the Glen Road, sea eagles showing well at Kilpatrick.We then moved round to Colonsay and had lots of corncrakes, and a  Hen Harrier and a sea eagle.   Chris & Tony Johnson (regular visitors)

Latest sightings for July 2018
4th Scallastle path , (on walk with Ranger Cian Burke-Brown): male Hen Harrier, male Sparrowhawk, two Grey Wagtails, Tree Pipit, immature Golden Eagle over ridge.
5th Garmony: Pair of Mute Swans, numerous Sandpipers, Oystercatchers and Gulls, four Eider ducklings, four eclips males Eider, Single Black-headed Gull.  One Whimbrel.  Single Black Guillemot and 16 Canada Geese offshore. Nancy
3rd I had a short-eared owl hunting Lochdon & a female hen harrier today. Also today a peregrine at Gribun & female sparrowhawk with prey there.A grey male harrier at Teanga.. Dave Pierce
2nd Long-eared Owl at dusk over broadleaf woodland on Dervaig - Calgary road with three Woodcock also. Two male Cuckoos at weekend on NW Mull. Most BTO tagged birds half way to Africa now! Ewan Miles 
1st Lochdon-Inverlussa. a male Hen Harrier hunting along the road by Inverlussa.
30th Little Gull - a mull first for me, first-summer feeding in the tidal race off Grasspoint with Common & BHGulls and Kittiwakes. Bird has a partial hood. Likes resting on the rocks off there with the other gulls.  Also there fledged juv Tree Pipit and Redstart and family of Whinchats with at least one young.
30th Jay - one flew across road into conifers just west of Lochbuie turn off. Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Slav Grebe - one in full plumage in Loch na Keal, close to the sea eagle lay-by on north side beyond Killiechronan campsite
27th Swift - single over Caliach Point , one over Pennyghael 29th  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
30th Redstart - pair feeding young in nest box in oak woods at croggan
30th Black-throated Diver - a second calendar year bird (non breeding plumage) is in Loch Scridain off Pennyghael hotel, present same spot every day
28th Great Northern Diver - one in full plumage in bay on west coast of Iona.  Ashley Saunders. Oriole Birding Tours
Latest sightings for July 2017
 30th a spotted flycatcher, with a singing blackcap nearby, just past the Grasspoint turn on the wooded side of the A849, Pete Hall  Mull Wildlife Tours
30th - Sound of Mull. 30 Gannets feeding with small numbers of Manx Shearwaters attracted 1 - 2 Minke Whales and a Great Skua between Rubha nan Gall and Bloody Bay today. Stuart Gibson
28th -  NW Sound of Mull The Manx Shearwater and Gannet numbers of yesterday had greatly diminished. However, a minimum of 12 ad. Guillemots with chicks, four Razorbills with chicks, eight Puffins, 2 - 4 Great Skuas (two together at one point), a single dark phase Arctic Skua and an unexpected Storm Petrel were present in the Sound of Mull (mainly between Ardmore Point and Kilchoan) today. Stuart Gibson
27th - Sound of Mull 1,000+ Manx Shearwaters in a feeding frenzy (with Gannets), off Bloody Bay, that inevitably attracted a Minke Whale to the party. Stuart Gibson
25th June, a visitor saw an osprey fishing on Loch Na Keal. Two weeks later, on 6th July I think it was, he saw me in person and said he'd seen an osprey again on Loch Na Keal near Gribun cliffs.  Sorry for the late report. Meryl Varty 25th We had a Barn Owl east of Gruline and 2 Short-eared Owls just after midnight near Loch Tor (my first SEOs on the north side this summer). Ewan Miles and Iolo Williams.

24th a pelagic trip on Lady Jane with Martin  gave us splendid views of a very large Tern colony, diving Gannets, Puffin, Black Guillemot, Razorbill and Guillemot with rafts of chicks, a Bonxie, fishing White tailed Eagles, and Corncrake heard on one of the small islands.(and we all got a suntan)  Alan Spellman

21st - Lunga, Treshnish Isles. A Corncrake was still calling on Lunga, with another heard on one of the small islands between Fladda and Lunga; 2+ Twite on Lunga, where a first returning Whimbrel of Autumn was heard; several fledged Arctic Tern juveniles on the wing at sea North of the Treshnish Isles today. Stuart Gibson

22nd Treshnish, 2 Swifts below Treshnish wood at 9.45am.  prasa
21st 2 Swifts at Caliach and 2 female/juv Common Scoters on Loch Tuath. Ewan Miles 21stJuly 3 Swifts at Knock today, 2 at Killiechronan and yet another at Lagganulva. 2 Red Throated Divers in Loch Na Keal between killiechronan and Knock also in Calgary Bay. Ring Tailed Hen Harriers Crannich and Loch Torr.  Pam & Arthur Brown 
21st  1 Swift by Treshnish House. prasad  
19th Night rafting Red throated Divers in waters between Calliach and Ardnamurchan, song duet heard at dusk. Ewan Miles, 
18th Treshnish, 2 Swifts at 5.45pm and 1 about 2 hours earlier prasad. 
18th - Sea to NW of Mull. Two Great Skuas harassing other seabirds; and visible migration of 8 adult Black-headed Gulls flying South past Ardnamurchan Point towards the Isle of Mull. Stuart Gibson 
16th - Loch Mingarry. Two Red-throated Divers this afternoon. Stuart Gibson 
18th 2 Swifts over Caliach this morning and a female Sparrowhawk hunting hirundines. Ewan Miles

15th a sighting of 4 adult Black-tailed Godwits in grazing pastures beside the road between Fellonmore and Kinlochspelve on the north shore of Loch Spelve . Jacqui  and Mike Murphy
13th - Lunga. One Corncrake calling intermittently near the Puffin Plateau this morning/early afternoon. Stuart Gibson 
12th - Sea to NW of Mull. Two Storm Petrels were the first for some time; and two Great Skuas. Stuart Gibson
11th  today at Loch na keal there was a Great northern diver. (juvenile plumage) Lino Ambrosini
11th Knock: two+ Crossbills at Loch Ba parking area this late afternoon.Stuart Gibson
8th - Loch Ba. Two adult Cuckoos flew from Gruline to Benmore Lodge this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
9th a Common Scoter seen at Lagganulva bay and a Goosander with very young ducklings at the mouth of the river Ba as it goes into Loch na Keal. Arthur  Brown  
9th Spotted flycatcher feeding frantically here just now - think they are feeding young. One caught a wasp - didn't think anything ate wasps! What a bird! Chris Austick Craignure
9th - Sound of Mull. 300 Manx Shearwaters (150 off Kilchoan) and a Great Skua at NW entrance/exit to Sound of Mull.
8th - Loch Ba. Eight Crossbills (at least three males); two calling Tree Pipits at Benmore Lodge; two Summer-plumaged adult Black-headed Gulls (interesting as this species is not believed to breed on Mull); and a Spotted Flycatcher in Glen Cannel woodland. Stuart Gibson
9th Heard a Yellowhammer approaching ulva ferry area coming from Calgary way this afternoon. Not seen one on Mull before?
Family of Goldcrests on Glengorm Estate headed to hide. My first visit in July, and lovely to see so many Greylag families all over the Island.  Lee Dutton
9th This morning 2 short-eared owls hunting Lochdon. Also a Back Swan on Loch Don. Roughly halfway between Lochdon & Grasspoint. Dave Pierce
9th Ardtun: a Magpie has been hanging around the Ardtun area for about ten days Now. photo by David Holden
9th just had 2 sandwich terns at craignure golf club and had 2 bullfinch at garmony on Friday  Simon Duckworth
9th: Treshnish, 71 Black-tailed Godwits flying south over lochan, also forgot to tell you about Mealy Redpoll on 21st June  
(Jim thinks it 'looks good') prasad
7th a Greenshank and a Redshank at Loch Beag today. Dave Piece
6th 3 minke whales between Ardmore Point & Ardnamurchan Point, Plus one floating dead young ( c5 metres long ). Dave Pierce
7th 6 Greenshank, this morning Salen Bay ( behind public toilets). Dave Pierce
7th Just coming to the end of an excellent fortnight on Mull. We found your Report extremely useful. One query: why so few Jackdaws? It breeds in every county in the UK, it is omnivorous, adaptable and hardy. Competition from Hoodies and Ravens? Climate? A bit of a puzzle! Looking forward to our next visit. Steve and Irene Wood.
7th Aros: a Sandwhich Tern here today at the back of the castle. Arthur Brown
6th summer plumage bar-tailed godwit at Garmony. 7th at least 3 storm petrels between  N Mull & Cairns of Coll. Dave Pierce
6th - Lunga A Corncrake was calling on Sgeir a Chaisteil this pm; two Twite were seen on Lunga.
6th - Ardmore, N. Mull A Minke Whale surfaced beside 100+ Manx Shearwaters this morning.
5th - Ardmore, N. Mull The local White-tailed Eagle chick has fledged, the first on the Isle of Mull for season 2017! Stuart Gibson,
4th a greenshank today in  Craignure bay, summer plumaged Slavonian grebe head of Loch na Keal where there was also 4 goosanders, a pink footed goose with greylags Loch Beag. Dave Pierce.
4th late news: a Corncrake was at Grasspoint for a few days in May before it moved on. 
3rd - Glengorm. Two Crossbills (at least one of which was a female) overhead this afternoon. Stuart Gibson
2nd - Lunga. A calling Corncrake on Lunga (between Puffin plateau and Harp Rock) and another heard on nearby Sgeir a Chaisteil. Stuart Gibson
1st  We are on holiday from Kent, staying at Ardtun. Great birding every day so far. We found an Iceland Gull, just north of Knockvologan. At first it was difficult  to see the bill, but it then flew a few dozen yards and landed near a Common Gull, showing itself to be obviously larger, but probably smaller and more slender than a Herring Gull. Bill was dark flesh-coloured with a dark tip. Iris also dark. Legs flesh-coloured. No black flight feathers, or spotting on body. Steve and Irene Wood, Anthea Skiffington, Bob Dewire
Latest sightings for July 2017
30th Half an hours bird watching from 2030 on 30/7/16 at Aros estuary.
Grey heron, Bar tailed godwit Greenshank Oystercatchers Mallard Eider Greylag goose Red breasted mergansers
Common gull Herring gull Curlew Great black backed gull. visitor from York Barry Bishop
25th Lochdon: Saw the Osprey flying from Lochdon on 25th July, at about 13:30. Rebecca Burton
24th Loch na Keal: two Red throated Diver on the loch at the Knock end. Jacqui Fereday
24th Loch Ba: an unusual find was a drake Tufted duck on the loch. Jacqui Fereday-Mike Murphy
19th Loch Spelve:  evening, greenshank loch don, hen harrier female loch Spelve. Dave Pierce
20th Dervaig:  crossbill heard in spruces FC Scallastle. Whinchat family oldbyre Dervaig.Hen harrier male Dervaig.
21st Loch Beag golden plover 9, dunlin 1, greenshank 1 & 1 brown hen harrier.Lochdon evening 2 female hen harriers & 1 short-eared owl. Dave Pierce
22nd Duart  hen harrier male Duart. Dave Pierce
18th Short eared Owl quartering over the field adjecent to Ardvergnish, just before T junction.  Peter Hall
19th curlew 48, bar-tailed godwit 2 Lochdon. David Pierce
18th. Male hen harrier Duart, female Fellonmore, Spelve. Peregrine chasing starling Fellonmore.
Gannet 30 , 15 kittiwake Grasspoint.
17th short eared owl & hen harrier Scallastle. Greenshank 1, whinchat Gorsten, Female hen harrier, Lochdon. David Pierce
17th - Croig - Langamull.  Three Greenshank and 10 Redshanks at Croig Oyster farm; another Greenshank at Croig; with 12 Redshanks over Port na Ba heading towards Langamull.  Stuart Gibson
13th Lochdon: an Osprey has been seen around Lochdon for a couple of days now. Alan, Debby Thorne.
5th July 1 Iceland Gull at Treshnish lochan, Mull (NM3548)
3rd just spent an amazing 2 weeks at Hazelbank Cottage Lochdon.. Over the course of the fortnight we have seen:
Golden Eagles - 2 over Loch Spelve  at least 3 different days. White Tailed Eagle- over Loch Na Keal and Duart cemetery. Hen Harrier- male and female over Lochdon most days. Short Eared Owl Lochdon and Loch Spelve. Buzzard- daily. Peregrine. Kestrel. Merlin. Raven
Tawny Owl-garden of Hazelbank Cottage, Snipe-loch Spelve, Black Gulliemot Loch Spelve. Bonxie on Lunga
plus numerous Whinchat, Wheatear, Stonechat, Twite, Linnet, Redpoll, Willow Warblers, Treecreeper, Ringed Plover, Curlew, etc etc. the list goes on.
We saw our first ever Curlew juveniles as well as Oystercatcher chicks.
other sightings Red Deer, Fallow Deer, seals otters, rabbits, voles, shrews woodmice, bats, frogs, toads and palmate newt. Mull is a wonderful magical island and we love it.  Carol J Thorpe
1st Tobermory: , adult male Hen Harrier flying towards Tobermory from the Tiree ferryl. Martin Izzard Esq., B.E.M.


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